Legend of Korra: What Happened to Mako?

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  • Who is Mako in Legend of Korra?

The Legend of Korra, the companion series to Avatar: The Last Airbender has just as many memorable characters as its predecessor series. Much like in ATLA, there is a core friend group in The Legend of Korra that is followed through the seasons, even when those main characters aren’t always physically together. One of those main players is Mako, who is one of the characters who impacts Korra along her journey.

Mako may not be the main character of the show, but he’s still an important figure in the story, particularly in the first season. He has many roles within the group, from brother to friend to love interest, but the story still gives him some time to explore his own journey. For those who need a refresher, though: who is Mako, exactly, and what happened to him after the main events of The Legend of Korra wrapped up?


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Who is Mako in Legend of Korra?

mako legend of korra

  • Mako is a firebender.
  • He grew up on the streets of Republic City with his brother Bolin, as both of their parents were killed when the boys were still young.
  • He formed a pro-bending team called the Fire Ferrets along with his brother and one of their friends, and met Avatar Korra when she joined the team to replace the position that said friend had previously held.
  • Mako joined Korra’s cause in stopping the Equalists as they became closer friends.
  • He dated both Asami Sato and Korra at various points during the show.

After Mako helped Korra fight against the Equalists, he joined the police force in Republic City. He and Korra had also just started a relationship after he broke up with Asami, and he accompanied her to the Southern Water Tribe to break through the invading Northern Water Tribe defenses and get to the Spirit World. Unfortunately, they could not stop Unalaq from merging with Vaatu to become the Dark Avatar, but they worked together as a team to defeat him.

After the Harmonic Convergence, Mako accompanied Korra and Tenzin to the Earth Kingdom where they were searching for new airbenders, and in Ba Sing Se, he and Bolin ended up finding their paternal family. Because they had been orphaned at a young age, they had not been in contact with any of their blood relatives for a very long time. They chose to continue on their quest with Team Avatar, and fought against the Red Lotus when they captured Korra.

What Happens to Mako?

mako and bolin

In the final season of The Legend of Korra, Mako became the personal bodyguard of Prince Wu, the heir to the Earth Kingdom throne. Wu appreciated Mako enough to keep him on as bodyguard even after his coronation as Earth King where Kuvira showed up and denounced Wu’s authority, establishing an Earth Empire instead. He worked with Team Avatar and their allies to once again bring down the big bad, who this time was Kuvira.

After the events of the show, the story of these characters continued in The Legend of Korra graphic novel series. Following the events of the finale and Kuvira’s attempted invasion, Mako returned to being a detective and was joined by Bolin, who had also come on board the police force. Mako had injured his arm during battle due to excessive lightning-bending, and though it had been healed to an extent, he was still unable to firebend with it. Despite this, Mako continued to fight against corruption in Republic City, particularly in regard to the Triple Threat Triad. He was especially intent on going after their leader, Tokuga, and though Tokuga managed to get away, the rest of the Triad was incapacitated.

The Earth Kingdom was, for the first time, holding elections to decide its ruler, which connected Mako with Wu once again. Wu was concerned that a former officer of Kuvira’s would try to take the election by force, and Mako promised to protect him. Unfortunately, Mako (along with Bolin and Asami) was brainwashed into becoming an Earth Kingdom soldier by a doctor who was trying to manipulate the election. Luckily, Korra was able to thwart their attempts to defend Guan, the person who was behind the election manipulation, and their brainwashing was reversed.

After all of the excitement, Mako continued to work under Lin Beifong on the police force and reconnected with those members of his extended family in Ba Sing Se. He remained friends with the other Team Avatar members, and fairly quickly came to terms with (and was supportive of) Korra and Asami’s budding relationship.

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