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  • Season 2 of Bosch: Legacy begins with Harry Bosch rescuing his kidnapped daughter and then investigating the murder of Lexi Parks.
  • Bosch and Chandler work together to prove David Foster’s innocence and uncover a conspiracy involving corrupt police officers.
  • The season ends with the charges against Foster being dropped, Chandler running for DA, and a cliffhanger regarding Bosch’s involvement with a prisoner.

After the success of the first season of Bosch: Legacy, Titus Welliver returns as Harry Bosch with this excellent second series consisting of 10 episodes on Amazon Freevee. Before the second season even aired, a third season was officially announced, alongside a couple of spin-off series. One of which is based on Bosch’s ex-partner, Jerry Edgar, and another based on Detective Renee Ballard, who has yet to feature in any of the Bosch television series, but features prominently in Michael Connelly’s Bosch novels, as well as appearing in her own book series.

Titus Welliver was joined in the crime action show, Bosch: Legacy by series regulars, Mimi Rogers as defense lawyer, Honey Chandler, Madison Lintz as rookie cop and Bosch’s daughter, Maddie Bosch, Stephen A. Chang as tech wiz Maurice ‘Mo’ Bassi and Denise G. Sanchez as Maddie’s LAPD partner, Reina Vasquez. Season 2 also saw the return of Bosch fan favorite retired detectives, Crate and Barrel, portrayed by Troy Evans and Gregory Scott Cummins respectively. It also featured a special guest appearance by Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar in two episodes.

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How does Bosch: Legacy Season 2 end?

Maddie confronting bosch at the end of season 2

Maddie saves her father’s life when she tracks him to a boat that Lexi Parks’ murderer, Ellis, is hiding out on and shoots the perpetrator before he has the chance to kill Harry Bosch, who has been trying to apprehend him. The FBI continue their assault on Bosch and Chandler despite their initial case being thrown out thanks to some clever entrapment work from Chandler. They threaten Bosch’s tech whizz, Mo Bassi, with prosecution for his own crimes if he doesn’t testify against Bosch and Chandler.

Chandler is in court and presents evidence in the Foster case that suggests a third party was involved, believing Ellis and Long murdered Lexi Parks and used a condom from Foster’s secret lover, James Allen (who was also murdered) to plant Foster’s DNA on the scene. The judge decides the evidence is solid enough to present in court.

Bosch and Chandler manage to get a confession from Long, who is recuperating from his injuries in hospital after Bosch had shot him. They present this to the DA, but he insists it’s inadmissible in court as they didn’t get Long’s consent to record the confession. Chandler says she plans to release the recording to the press, which would leave the DA forced to explain why he didn’t drop the case. The DA drops the charges against Foster and he is a free man. Chandler meets up with ex-chief, Irwin Irwing (the late Lance Reddick returning for a cameo) and asks him to endorse her as the next DA, and he considers it. Elsewhere, Maddie is informed that Kurt Dockweiler has died in prison from a suspected overdose.

Chandler officially confirms she’s running for DA, at a press conference to announce the charges being dropped against David Foster, and criticizes the current DA’s handling of the case. Back at Bosch’s apartment, Maddie asks Harry if he’d consider working for Chandler if she became DA, and he claims it wouldn’t be of interest to him, but Maddie claims it would be better than working for the other side. Bosch takes the dog out for a walk, and while he’s gone, in a plot twist, Maddie spots a phone call on her father’s phone from an inmate at Wasco St Prison. Intrigued by this, she answers the call, and it’s the rapist and murderer, Preston Borders, who says he took care of Dockweiler at Bosch’s request. Bosch returns from the dog walk and Maddie confronts him saying, “Dad, what did you do?” The answers to this cliffhanger ending lie ahead in the much anticipated Season 3.

What happens in Bosch: Legacy Season 2?

bosch kicking doors in


Tom Bernardo and Eric Ellis Overmyer (based on the books by Michael Connelly)


Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers, Madison Lintz, Stephen A. Chang and Denise G. Sanchez

Number of Episodes


Bosch: Legacy Season 2 kicks off with Harry Bosch being joined by old partner, Jerry Edgar to find Maddie after she is kidnapped by Kurt Dockweiler, the rapist in the luchador mask she was investigating towards the end of season one. Bosh and Honey Chandler eventually track her down to the Mojave Desert, handcuffed in a wooden crate beneath the surface, and rescue her.

After the dramatic opening two episodes, Season 2’s story shifts to the investigation into the murder of the assistant city manager for West Hollywood, Lexi Parks. The police arrest a man called David Foster for her murder, and his defense lawyer is none other than Honey Chandler. She is dealing with her own issues this season as the FBI are investigating her involvement in the murder of Carl Rogers and his lawyer. Chandler informs Bosch as he’s also implicated, and suggests to cover for the time they are spending together discussing the FBI case against them, she should hire Bosch to be an investigator on the Foster case.

She gives Bosch the same dollar bill she previously had as payment for his services and he accepts. The prosecutor says David Foster’s DNA was found at the scene and inside Lexi’s body, and Bosch is on the case to prove Foster’s innocence. He uncovers a conspiracy that involves a couple of corrupt police officers called Ellis and Long in the murder of Lexi Parks.

Ellis and Long become aware of Bosch closing in on them as suspects and run him and Mo Bassi off the road in an attempt to kill them before they can uncover the full mystery. It all ends in a shootout between Bosch and Ellis and Long, with Bosch non fatally shooting Long, and Ellis getting away and going on the run. Elsewhere, Maddie returns to work after her kidnapping and lands a job on a new task force, and spends this season dealing with the trauma she faced during her ordeal.

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