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Farming bosses for new equipment? You’ll need this Legacy Piece Accessory tier list if you want to avoid wasting your time. Some accessories are simply not worth the effort, but others certainly are.

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Legacy Piece Accessory Tier List

The best and worst accessories to obtain in the One Piece Roblox game! Each ranking is based on the stat boosts that a specific accessory grants you. Some accessories give you a singular buff, whereas others give you 2!

S Tier

The strongest accessories to equip in Legacy Piece.

  • Frost Coat
    • Increases your HP by 75
    • Your Stamina stat is increased by 30
    • Dropped by the Yeti boss on Shimotsuki Island – 9% drop rate

A Tier

These accessories buff your HP nicely!

  • Buggy’s Cape
    • Increases your HP by 50
    • Stamina is increased by 15
    • Dropped by the Buggy the Clown boss in Orange Town – 7% drop rate
  • Buggy’s Hat
    • Increases your HP by 60
    • Dropped by the Buggy the Clown boss in Orange Town – 10% drop rate

B Tier

You can equip these accessories to boost your stats but don’t rely on them. Switch them with another accessory when you can!

  • Alvida Hat
    • Increases your HP by 25
    • Dropped by Alvida the Iron Mace on Alvida Island – 15% drop rate
  • Metal Jaw
    • Increases your HP by 40
    • Dropped by Axe-Hand Morgan in Shells Town – 10% drop rate
  • Pirate Hat

C Tier

Weak accessories that should be swapped when you manage to obtain anything better.

D Tier

I dislike these accessories… because they’re pointless.

  • No accessories in this tier!