Learn How Much You Played on Your PlayStation Consoles and More With the 2023 Wrap-up

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment made its annual PlayStation wrap-up available to its users, allowing them to check out their statistics for the year.

The feature is available on the official website, and it promises to provide you with a complete set of data on your PlayStation gaming habits.

It’ll reveal a lot of different bits of information like your cumulative hours spent on your Sony consoles, your top games played, the trophies you earned, a breakdown of your gaming stats by month, which broad gaming style you fit in, and so forth.

The feature is available to all PlayStation users as long as they have played over 10 hours on their consoles this year. It’ll also continue updating until the end of the year and will be available until January 12.

Of course, Sony isn’t doing this due to the goodness of its blue heart. To access the feature, you need to opt into data collection on your PS5 or PS4, so you get your data, and they get your data as well. Whether this is a fair trade or not, it’s for you to decide. 

Specifically, if you’re on PS5 you need to opt-in to sharing “Full Data” in the settings, while on PS4 you need to consent to give Sony “Additional Data” if you’re in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia, India, or russia.

The feature also allows you to create and share digital cards to show off your gaming habits to your friends on social media (yes, even on Twitter… ahem… X… despite the removal of official support from the consoles). 

To sweeten the deal, PlayStation is offering a PSN avatar and a PlayStation Stars digital collectible featuring a Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Bot to those who partake in the data collecting and sharing.

If you’re interested in more PlayStation statistics, but this time on the business side of things, you can check out an update on PS5 shipments up to September 30. You can also take a look at the most recent and rather peculiar PS5 commercial from Japan.