Leaked Helldivers 2 gameplay shows first look at mech suits coming in big update

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Helldivers 2 is one of the best and most popular games of the year so far and it is only set to get bigger and better. Developer Arrowhead has done a fantastic job providing bug fixes and attempting to fix issues with their servers, but soon they will be adding new content to the game. And leaked Helldivers 2 gameplay shows a first look at mech suits coming in a big update.

Arrowhead haven’t revealed their full plans for the game going forward yet, but recent news about their roadmap is exciting for the community. The developer says all new content going forward will be free and the CEO has teased powerful stealth upgrades in future patches.

New content is awfully exciting, and something we can really look forward to is the addition of mech suits. We have a first look at gameplay and it looks massively fun.

First look at mech suits gameplay in Helldivers 2

Reddit user fozzye18 has provided a first look at mech suits gameplay in Helldivers 2. Their Reddit post is simply titled mechs enjoy, and it shows 22 seconds of gameplay inside the machine. You can find the gameplay in the Reddit post below.

In addition to Fozzye18’s post, there is also another snippet of mech suits gameplay from Reddit user Klyka. This one is only 16 seconds, but it is more mechs to droll over.

Although very brief, the leaked gameplay shows the player entering the mech suit from the back and going gung ho on the opposition. Again, it’s very brief, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

We don’t know when this update will come out, but PlayStation YouTuber, TCMF2, says the devs on Discord have reported ‘Mechs have been good to go for a while’. However, they haven’t been introduced yet as ‘There’s still additional polishing being done by people who can’t assist with server issues’.

In addition to mech suits, TCMF2 reports that Fozzye18 mentions other incoming updates such as an ‘energy RPG, a meteorite that hits like the nuke, a group of helldivers 2 you can call in to support you (npcs) and more’.

In other Helldivers 2 news, the devs have promised buffs to balance weak guns. Arrowhead has recently provided a server cap rise and we have a guide for how to farm medals fast.