Latest Fortnite update nerfed fan-favorite items but also brought some buffs

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The latest Fortnite update brought numerous changes to the popular game. Epic Games added a lot of new content with the release of Chapter 5. However, the game hadn’t received many updates for a month and a half. Fortunately, the v28.10 update, which came out on Tuesday morning, ended the content drought.

Epic has changed many things in all four core modes, which you can read about in our Fortnite patch notes. This includes a couple of item balance changes, which are meant to make the game better and fair.

The new Fortnite update nerfed the Ballistic Shield and snipers

With the release of the v28.10 Fortnite update, Epic Games nerfed the Ballistic Shield and the Reaper Sniper Rifle. The shield was deemed to powerful, especially in Zero Build modes, which is why it’s now easier to stagger the shield holder. In other words, the Ballistic Shield will take less damage before being briefly disabled.

The Reaper Sniper Rifle received a slight reduction in bullet velocity and an increase in bullet drop. As a result, snipes should be slightly harder to hit from now on.

On the other hand, the Enforcer AR and the Hyper SMG received buffs with the new Fortnite update, becoming stronger and more effective. The Enforcer AR was lagging behind other weapons in the same category and that is why it received a buff in damage, headshot multiplier, and a reduction in bullet drop.

The Hyper SMG was also less popular than other close-range weapons. However, it is now more accurate due to a tighter bullet spread.

Epic Games also made a couple of other changes with the latest Fortnite update. Spring speed, energy regeneration, and storm circle speed have been reverted to the speed they had in Chapter 4.

The development team will keep monitoring gameplay data alongside community feedback in order to make more gameplay changes in the future. To provide feedback, you can either do it from within the game or contact Epic Games directly.