Latest Fortnite survey has players worried about the game’s future

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Epic Games periodically sends out Fortnite surveys to get feedback from the community. These surveys include a number of questions, from the Item Shop to new features. In addition, the game developer collects feedback on various gameplay elements, from bots to weapons.

While surveys are generally positive, the latest one has caused some controversy. More specifically, it appears that Epic has plans to sell extra items in Fortnite that are not cosmetics. Due to this, it’s no surprise that many players have complained about it.

Epic may start selling buildings in Fortnite

The latest Fortnite survey asked players if they’ve ever experienced building and building pieces being sold in a sandbox game. While this doesn’t confirm that Epic Games will start selling these items, it’s likely something that is being considered. However, it will be interesting to see how Fortnite players fill out the new survey.

This part of the survey is only related to LEGO Fortnite. Considering that LEGO has its own products, it’s no surprise that some extra buildings could be sold separately in the Item Shop. Unfortunately, this could also set a bad precedent that would negatively impact the future of the game.

“Anything for extra money, selling building pieces in a video game is outrageous,” X user Utd__Jeff posted, and many others agreed with them. Other players believe that new buildings and pieces shouldn’t be sold in the game. Instead, LEGO should sell physical building sets.

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The latest Fortnite survey has also drawn comparisons to Minecraft, one of the main competitors of LEGO Fortnite. “Don’t become Minecraft and lock whole features behind a Marketplace,” one X user wrote.

Considering that the sandbox game has been out for just over a month, we expect Epic Games to add more features to it soon. However, one Fortnite player had an interesting proposal after checking out the latest survey. “What they should do is give codes for any of the Fortnite Lego sets that are sold irl so we can have them in game too,” the player posted, and it’s certainly a fantastic idea.

While selling buildings in the Item Shop may sound wrong, it won’t be surprising if Epic does it at some point. After all, Fortnite is a free-to-play game, so its developer will look to monetize the sandbox mode. On top of it, the game mode is a collaboration between two companies, which is why Epic Games shares revenue with LEGO.

The community has the right to be worried. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that the Fortnite developer will end up releasing pay-to-win items in the Item Shop.