Korean Gaming Giant Netmarble Appoints New Co-CEO Byung Gyu Kim

Korean gaming giant Netmarble has appointed a new co-CEO, pending approval from the company’s shareholders in March.

Current vice president Byung Gyu Kim, who’s currently in charge of business planning at Netmarble, will become co-CEO alongside current CBO Young-sig Kwon.

The two execs will take up their new positions “after approval at the shareholders’ meeting in March”, according to a press release.

Netmarble is primarily known for mobile games like Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Netmarble says Byung Gyu Kim has “expertise not only in legal affairs but also in overseas affiliate marketing and strategic planning”.

The company says it hopes its new co-CEO will “contribute positively to Netmarble’s new changes and growth”.

Byung Gyu Kim will replace former co-CEO Gi-wook Do, who will remain in a role as chief financial officer at the company.

If you’re not familiar with Netmarble’s name, you’ll almost certainly recognize the studio from some of its biggest games, which largely skew towards the mobile market.

A large number of Marvel heroes rushing to collide with their enemies in Marvel Future Revolution, a Netmarble game
Netmarble was also responsible for the now-defunct Marvel Future Revolution.

Netmarble’s library includes Ni no Kuni: Cross WorldsMarvel Future Revolution (which was shut down in August last year), and an upcoming game based on the manga Shangri-La Frontier.

The studio is also the Korean publisher for Arena of Valor, an international version of the phenomenally popular Chinese MOBA Honor of Kings.

More recent projects include tactical MOBA-inspired shooter Paragon: The Overprime and a video game adaptation of the popular South Korean webtoon Tower of God.

A game based on Game of Thrones is also apparently in the works at Netmarble, although it’s been a while since we heard anything about that project.

Seeing as the studio appears to be a pretty hardcore fan of NFTs and blockchain technology, though, it’s safe to assume that many of its upcoming projects will include Web3 integration. Hooray.

Watch this space for more news on upcoming Netmarble projects, as well as all other things relating to the Korean gaming giant.