December 4, 2023

It’s been years since Konami had any sort of meaningful involvement in major AAA game development, though the company is, of course, looking to re-enter the space with a number of upcoming major projects, including multiple Silent Hill games.

Of course, the three Silent Hill games that it has officially announced are all being developed by external partners – with Bloober Team developing Silent Hill 2, NeoBards Entertainment developing Silent Hill f, and No Code working on Silent Hill: Townfall – though it seems the company is also ramping up recruitment for internal teams to work on “large-scale” Silent Hill projects.

“The Silent Production Team is recruiting artists, planners, engineers, and project managers,” Konami wrote in a recent post on social media platform X. “Please join us in this work, which has many fans overseas! A chance to be involved in game production in a cutting-edge development environment.”

Should we take this to mean that Konami has additional Silent Hill games in the works that not only haven’t yet been announced, but are also being developed internally? The company has, after all, been ramping up internal recruitment for a while, while leaks have also claimed that there are several more Silent Hill games in the works that haven’t been officially unveiled.

One of those could be Silent Hill: The Short Message, a game that has popped up in leaks on numerous occasions. Plot details for the psychological horror title were also recently leaked via the Australian Classification Board- read more on that through here.

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