KartRider Rush+ plunges into the depths with Season 23 Abyss update

In most circumstances if you drove into the sea, you would consider that quite the error and it would ruin your day, however, this is exactly what Nexon is encouraging with the 23rd season of KartRider Rush+. Abyss will introduce the customary new karts, racers, and circuits.

You will be able to hit some new underwater tracks such as Into the Sea and Coastal Cruise, behind the wheel of waterlogged karts like the Ocean Burst and Hydra, which is such a cool name. It is so good in fact, that it makes the legendary kart for this season sound like quite the letdown.

Available in the Cronos Center, you can buy yourself Season 23’s headliner, the Cronos kart. Should have been the Hydra or the Kraken, but we move on. There are two colours available for the new kart, with the Cronos Air and Cronos Emperor up for grabs. If you are looking for someone to helm this beast, you can recruit racers such as Mermaid Ms. Mani, or Poseidon Bazzi, a name I find hilarious. Good old Poseidon Barry.

To celebrate the season’s launch, players who log in before December 31st will receive log-in rewards such as Lanternfish Headgear and Lanternsfish Balloon. If you are fast, you can still collect a few Nitro Piece Puzzles through Daily and Weekly Quests before December 29th to trade for Lunar Bolt and Turbo Crystals.

Looking ahead, from January 5th till February 4th you can collect Jellyfish Shards by playing Ranked Mode and Multiplayer Races. Hoard enough of these, and you can trade for K-Coins, Jellyfish Hair, and Jellyfish Outfits for both male and female characters.

There are a few quality-of-life improvements here too, with the addition of a gauge on-screen that tells the angle of your drift. This will help perfect those Speed Races and is some pretty interesting data to see anyway. The Appraisal Manual will give players a way to see which set item configurations are available for their appraisals, and the Fortitude Chests have also had a little upgrade.

Kartrider Rush+ is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.