Jujutsu Kaisen: The Great Families, Explained


  • The 3 Great Families in Jujutsu Kaisen have immense power and influence in the Jujutsu world, with a rich history and strong bloodlines.
  • The Kamo Family is proud but carries a dark history, while the Zenin Family values strength above all else, even punishing weaker members.
  • The Gojo Family stands at the top due to Satoru’s unmatched power, with a unique Inherited Technique and the rare Six Eyes gift.

The Jujutsu society in Jujutsu Kaisen is far more bureaucratic than many would think at first glance. Aside from the students of the Jujutsu Highschools, there are far more politics involved with how the rest of society is run as institutions of the Jujutsu world are in contact with the Japanese government. Out of all of these institutions, however, none hold more sway and influence than the 3 Great Families.

These 3 families are the most powerful of all the families in the series and merely being associated with their name is enough to be a prominent member in the Jujutsu world. These 3 families are each at least 1000 years old and enjoy a lot of prestige due to their bloodline’s innate talent and affinity to Jujutsu sorcery, often seen with the possession of Inherited Techniques which are often some of the most powerful Cursed Techniques to have.


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What Are the 3 Great Families?


The 3 main families of Jujutsu Kaisen are the Zenin clan, the Gojo clan and the Kamo clan. As stated before, each of these families has existed for over 1000 years and were all active during the Heian Era, which is referred to as the Golden Age of Jujutsu sorcery. Most members of these families possess an innate talent for Jujutsu and the clans each have Inherited Techniques that are passed down through the generations.

Just like Jujutsu Headquarters, these families are in close contact with the Japanese government and were instrumental in forming a code of laws and regulations for the entire Jujutsu world. The head of Jujutsu Headquarters is a position of power that is appointed by the Prime Minister of Japan, which they must choose from based on nominations given to them by the 3 families. This is also seen when appointing the principal of Jujutsu High, where the head of Jujutsu HQ must choose between nominees presented by the Great Families.

These families also have a great sense of pride in themselves and the power they possess, which is also a reason why they do not get along with one another. They keep track of each of the opposing clans’ members as well as the Cursed and Inherited Techniques of those clans.

The Kamo Family Prides Themselves on Their Lineage

Kamo family jujutsu Kaisen

The Kamo Family is ancient and proud. Considered to be the heads of the entire conservative faction within Jujutsu society, they are also very close with the heads of Jujutsu High. Just like most other families in Jujutsu Kaisen, the Kamo Clan prizes Inherited Techniques very much and puts tradition and lineage above all else. However, despite caring about their bloodline very much, they carry a blot on their lineage through Noritoshi Kamo, said to be the most evil sorcerer in history.

In the present day, the clan’s bloodline is carried through a new sorcerer by the name of Noritoshi Kamo. Though he was born out of wedlock, he was welcomed into the clan and named as the heir to the position of clan head due to gaining the Inherited Technique of the Kamo Clan: Blood Manipulation. During the Culling Game arc in the manga, the Kamo Clan has been infiltrated and is now run by Kenjaku.

Inherited Techniques: Blood Manipulation

Notable Members: Noritoshi Kamo (past), Noritoshi Kamo (present), Choso


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The Zenin Family Prioritizes Strength Over Everything Else

Jujutsu Kaisen Toji Megumi Fushigoro

The Zenin Clan is the one that has had the most light shone upon its members out of all the Great Families. The Zenin Clan puts martial prowess, strength, and power over all else and shuns even its own members who are weak or do not have powerful Cursed Techniques. The Zenin Clan goes as far as punishing those members who do not have sufficient talent in Jujutsu sorcery, as could be seen with Toji and Maki. Though these views are highly problematic and archaic, the clan is very powerful and houses many different battle units.

The Zenin Clan houses one of the most powerful techniques in all of Jujutsu Kaisen; the Ten Shadows. Though none of the clans are on good terms with one another, the relations between the Zenin Clan and the Gojo Clan are particularly skewed because, many centuries ago, the heads of both clans battled head-on, resulting in both of them dying. The leader of the Gojo clan had the Limitless Technique in conjunction with the Six Eyes, just like Satoru while the Zenin head had the Ten Shadows.

In the current setting of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Megumi is now considered to be the head of the Zenin Clan after the death of Naobito. However, during the Culling Game arc, Maki awakened her full Heavenly Restriction and destroyed every other member of the entire Zenin Clan, effectively destroying the whole family, with only her and Megumi left alive.

Inherited Techniques: Ten Shadows, Projection Sorcery

Notable Members: Megumi Fushiguro, Toji Fushiguro, Maki Zenin, Mai Zenin, Naobito Zenin


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The Gojo Family Stands At The Top


Of all the Great Families in the Jujutsu world, the Gojo Clan rests quite easily at the top in terms of power and strength. This is because the head of the clan, Satoru, is far and away the most powerful sorcerer of the modern era, to the point that no other member can do anything to him, so they cannot challenge his power. The only other modern sorcerer with the potential to reach him is Megumi if he fully realizes his Ten Shadows technique.

The Gojo Clan can trace its origins back to Michizane Sugawara, an unseen character from over 1000 years ago who is one of Japan’s 3 legendary Vengeful Spirits. The Inherited Technique which seemingly goes to all members of the Gojo clan is Limitless, a technique comes with a built-in defensive technique called the Infinity. Limitless creates an invisible forcefield around the user that doesn’t allow anything to pass through.

Aside from Infinity, Limitless also includes 3 powerful moves; the Lapse Blue, Reversal Red and Hollow Purple, which act as the main offensive tool for the user. Moreover, the Gojo Clan also has a gift that is passed down through the generations called the Six Eyes. This gift is exceedingly rare, unique to only one Gojo Clan member at a time and unlocks the full potential of Limitless, with Satoru being the first Six Eyes user in 400 years.

In the current setting in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Satoru is the head and the only named member of the clan. However, the family’s power is directly tied to his own, so Gojo is effectively the entire clan. After his defeat at the hands of Sukuna, the fate of the Gojo Clan is left in the wind.

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