Jujutsu Kaisen: The Disaster Curses, Ranked


  • The Disaster Curses in Jujutsu Kaisen are born from humanity’s fear of natural concepts and are some of the strongest curses in the series.
  • Dagon, Hanami, Jogo, and Mahito are powerful Disaster Curses with varying levels of strength and abilities.
  • Each of these Disaster Curses possesses unique techniques, domain expansions, and immense power that make them formidable opponents in combat.

The Disaster Curses are known to be some of the strongest ones that fans have seen in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. These are powerful curses that are born from humanity’s intense fear of various natural concepts throughout history. The Disaster Curses played a significant role in the first half of the story, where the goal was for Kenjaku to seal away Gojo so that he could proceed with his long-thought-out plan.


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Fans got to see all the Disaster Curses in action, especially in the first few arcs of JJK and, they certainly made quite an impression as well. Of course, while all of them are incredibly powerful, their level of strength is certainly varying.

4 Dagon

Dagon Disaster Tides Jujutsu Kaisen - Featured

  • Cursed Technique: Disaster Tides
  • Domain Expansion: Horizon of the Captivating Skandha

Dagon held a very obscure appearance until the events of the Shibuya Incident, where he finally evolved. He was one of the Special Grade Curses who was born out of humanity’s fear of disasters caused by water. In the Shibuya Incident arc, he finally evolved and showcased his true potential, which surprised the vast majority of the fans. Dagon possessed tremendous strength and this was clear when he took on the likes of Naobito, Maki, Nanami, and even Megumi in combat all by himself. His level of strength was absolutely immense and nobody could stop him in combat out of those who he was fighting.

Dagon was so strong that even all of these characters put together could not put a dent in him. This was especially true when he utilized his Domain Expansion, called Horizon of the Captivating Skandha. Inside his domain, he was strong enough to overpower 4 powerful sorcerers at the same time, and, had it not been for Toji, all of them would certainly have lost to him. His control over hydrokinetic abilities was absolutely impeccable. In fact, Maki believed that he possessed control as well as power that far surpassed Max Elephant. Inside his domain, he could also utilize various small as well as giant marine creatures. He could use many piranhas or serpentine creatures to aid him in battle as well. Defeating him was nearly impossible and could only be pulled off by someone magnificent like Toji.

3 Hanami

hanami jujutsu kaisen

  • Cursed Technique: Disaster Plants
  • Domain Expansion: Unknown

Hanami was yet another incredibly powerful Disaster Curse that was born out of the mistreatment of Mother Nature at the hands of humanity over the years, as well as the fear that people had of land-based disasters. Hanami was quite powerful and, during the Goodwill Event, made their presence known. They attacked the Jujutsu Sorcerers and, eventually, ended up fighting against Yuji and Todo. Despite this duo being incredibly amazing, they could not pose any significant threat to Hanami, especially at first. Their only chance was to use Todo’s Cursed Technique to take Hanami by surprise and finish them off before they could adapt. However, the longer the battle went on, the quicker Hanami adapted.


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In terms of cursed energy, Hanami possessed tremendous amounts and, with this energy, they could manipulate chlorokinetic abilities. Hanami could do things such as manipulate roots from the earth itself or, use sharp appendages to skewer their opponents. At the same time, they could also shoot flower-like seeds that could embed inside the body of their target and suck on their cursed energy. They could also cause illusions that would take away one’s will to fight and, most importantly, they had a very powerful canon of cursed energy on their shoulders using which they could absolutely obliterate anyone in their path. Hanami also possessed a Domain Expansion and, inside this Domain Expansion, they would have been extremely difficult to defeat. Sadly, they did not get the chance to expand their domain, but, one should always remember that they did have one and, the true power was, thus, unrevealed.

2 Jogo


  • Cursed Technique: Disaster Flames
  • Domain Expansion: Coffin of the Iron Meteor

Jogo was certainly among the strongest members of the Disaster Curses and fans know that his level of strength, especially when it comes to the manipulation of pyrokinetic abilities, was absolutely impeccable. Jogo could take on several powerful opponents in battle. He could even fight against Gojo, however, in this fight, he was largely embarrassed and could very well have died had his friends not rescued him.

Jogo was strong enough to somewhat fight against Sukuna after he had consumed 15 fingers. However, he was still not strong enough to pose any threat to him. Nonetheless, that is not to say that he wasn’t strong. Jogo certainly possessed great abilities up his sleeve, such as the ability to manipulate flies that could incinerate the target and, when the need arose, use his Maximum technique, called Maximum: Meteor. This could destroy a large part of Shibuya itself and even Sukuna could not have emerged unscathed from this technique. He also possessed an incredibly overpowered Domain Expansion, called Coffin of the Iron Mountain, which was nothing short of spectacular.

1 Mahito


  • Cursed Technique: Idle Transfiguration
  • Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection

Born out of humanity’s hatred and fear of each other, Mahito is certainly the strongest of all the Disaster Curses and this is quite evident to the fans throughout the many fights that he takes part in. Mahito is quite overpowered and this is largely down to his ability to manipulate souls. Using his Idle Transfiguration technique, Mahito could manipulate and reshape souls however he wished and, even a single touch from the palm of his hand is enough to completely kill a person.

Mahito is so powerful that one touch from him was enough to completely kill Nanami and, moments later, Nobara as well, as friends saw recently in the Shibuya Incident arc in the JJK anime. What’s more, Mahito also grew remarkably fast and learned abilities very quickly. He could alter his own soul to manipulate his body however he willed, and he also possessed a very overpowered Domain Expansion which could kill anyone. Mahito also had an ultimate form that he used in his fight against Yuji and Aoi the strength of which remains unknown, however, he was surely among the strongest characters in the story.

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