Jujutsu Kaisen: One And The Same


  • Jujutsu Kaisen episode 45 disappoints with lackluster animation and pacing, not living up to the epicness of episode 44.
  • Mahito learns a technique from Satoru Gojo, showcasing his potential, but is defeated by Yuji and Todo’s efforts.
  • The aftermath of the battle and Yuji’s transformation provide a stellar ending, and the appearance of Pseudo-Geto sets up the last two episodes of the season.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 45, “Metamorphosis”, now streaming on Prime Video.

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 45 disappoints after a spectacular start in episode 44 of the battle between Mahito and the best duo in Jujutsu Kaisen, Todo and Yuji. A seemingly uninspired episode that had its best moments when the action was over. Despite how epic this final clash, it could have been much better. Whether the production issues had a say in the result remains unclear, but either way, in previous episodes, the directing was able to make up for the animation, something that didn’t happen in Metamorphosis.

Still, they got Todo to move the masses again with some great scenes with him as the centerpiece. However, this episode was about Mahito and Yuji, their relationship, their changes, their visions and their final metamorphosis. In an episode that couldn’t even be blamed on ghosting, a few positive takeaways can be extracted from its end and narrative.


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Break Them Apart

Todo and Yuji

Once again, the episode kicks off with a long intro, picking up from the ending of the prior one in which they take the fight outside the station. In his augmented state, Mahito is focused on taking Todo’s problematic technique out of the way as quickly as possible. Todo’s fight with Mahito’s newly created modified humans felt like something that had to be mentioned to be faithful to the manga but didn’t carry any effort or importance in the episode.

Perhaps because it didn’t really fit into their pacing, it was fast-forwarded, when it could have added a bit more excitement. Whereas other fights are prolonged in the anime adaptation, as they should, since there is much more room for the spectacular, episode 45 went in the opposite direction, especially compared to how it started in episode 44. Very few moments were added, and the ones that did weren’t precisely memorable. In a season where they have accustomed the viewer to great and creative intros, this one is certainly nothing special.

Learning From The Best

0.2 Domain Expansion Mahito

Since his first try at breaking the duo was unsuccessful, Mahito was forced to make his first massive leap. A technique only Satoru Gojo was able to put into practice, a technique that would allow him to open his domain without the risk of Sukuna killing or severely injuring him like in season 1. The ability to open his domain for just 0.2 seconds after seeing Gojo do it once. Truly, Mahito’s potential was unlimited, he just lacked the time to keep developing.

Despite Todo’s efforts to protect himself from his domain, he still caught a stray which forced him to sever his left arm. Following this scene, Todo’s imagination cut was one of the best moments of the episode, although some fans had some issues with Todo cross-dressing. Unreasonable criticism aside, Todo was pretty much done after losing his arm, taking a direct hit on Mahito’s black flash and clapping his hand as a last resource to get away from him. However, as beat up as he was, he still had one moment left to shine.

Another Painful Goodbye

The act of applause Todo

Right after Todo went down, Mahito unlocked his Frieza-like final form. Another point in the battle that could have been done better, the clash between Mahito and Yuji went by without many spectacular moments or panels. If anything, the only salvageable element was Todo’s iconic fake clapping that allowed Yuji to finally defeat Mahito with one last black flash.

His mighty cursed technique is now ruined, but his epic speech and faint serve as the last iconic moment of an iconic character that has kept arousing fans since his first appearance. Although thankfully he is not dead like the rest of them, Jujutsu Kaisen says goodbye to another stellar sorcerer and fan favorite. And what better way to do so, than with a round of applause, and a victory over the most wicked of curses, Mahito.

Stellar Ending And Preview Of Episode 46

Geto cliffhanger

Even if the battle itself wasn’t great, the aftermath and last moments of it surely compensate. Hard to forget Yuji’s words when he recognizes that Mahito was right all along. They are the same, no more searching for meaning, no more puny excuses. He will keep killing curses until he rusts away, cause at the end of the day, he is just one big cog in the wheel. His words fit perfectly with his look and his scary looking face, wounded, even showing his teeth through the cut, almost as if he was leaving humanity behind to become what he always needed to become, a ruthless curse killer.

The analogy that follows this scene is also perfect. Mahito turned into a rabbit, running from the wolf in a forest covered in snow. The slight moments where it goes back to reality, breaking down Mahito’s delirium. Despite his attitude towards the life of others, he fights for his with all he has. Despite Yuji’s worry and will to help others, he pursues him with the intent of killing, without second thoughts, cold and composed.

This gorgeous build-up breaks down at the very end, as the final boss shows up once and for all. As a god-like figure, as the savior the real Geto pretended to be, Pseudo-Geto breaks into the scene. His long-awaited appearance in the Shibuya Incident is finally here, headlining the last two episodes of the season, and changing everyone’s lives forever. Surely, fans would like to see more than just his face at the end of the episode. But patience will be rewarded next week as his true intentions unravel once and for all.

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