Jujutsu Kaisen: Most Broken Cursed Techniques


  • Cursed techniques in JJK are diverse and powerful, including inherited, innate, barrier, and anti-domain techniques.
  • Some techniques, like Hiromi Higuruma’s Deadly Sentencing and Yuta Okkotsu’s Copy, are considered overpowered and difficult to contend with.
  • Limitless, used by Gojo Satoru, is the most broken cursed technique in JJK, allowing him to manipulate and distort space.

Cursed Techniques from the basis of the many incredible fights that fans see in JJK. These are powerful techniques that can span over many types, such as inherited techniques, innate techniques, barrier techniques, and anti-domain techniques, among others. Cursed techniques have incredible uses in the world of JJK and they are extremely diverse.


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While all of them are somewhat special in their own ways, there are some that are considered to be too overpowered to be used in combat. These techniques cannot be contended with by the vast majority of the sorcerers, and are thus, broken in many ways.

7 Deadly Sentencing

User: Hiromi Higuruma

higuruma awakens his domain amplification jujutsu kaisen jjk 248

Deadly Sentencing is the Domain Expansion of none other than Hiromi Higuruma. Fans know him to be an exceptionally powerful fighter who has played a significant role in the story as a flight. Higuruma has a very powerful technique using which he can manifest a courtroom and put his enemy on trial.

Inside his Domain Expansion, any form of force is prohibited. As such, even the strongest are forced to comply with the rules. The target is then put on trial and Higuruma gets information directly from his shikigami, the Judgeman, who takes an appearance similar to Lady Justice. Then, the target is put on a trial and, if they are found guilty, they can face a series of difficult situations. They can have their cursed technique confiscated, or, even worse, forfeit their entire lives.

6 Copy

User: Yuta Okkotsu


Copy is quite a simple technique for fans to understand and it is also one that is believed to be one of the most overpowered ones. This technique belongs to none other than Yuta Okkotsu, who is a special grade sorcerer and is believed to be one of the strongest up-and-coming sorcerers in JJK.

As the name suggests, this technique allows him to copy any other technique that he wishes. Of course, there are going to be some conditions that he needs to meet before he is able to utilize these techniques, however, fans are not aware of these conditions just yet. That said, he has already made use of quite a lot of techniques in the story already, such as Cursed Speech, which belongs to the Inumaki Family, and even Sky Manipulation, which belongs to Takako Uro. It is clear for the fans to see that Copy is a very overpowered ability and can be used on even stronger abilities.

5 Ten Shadows Technique

User: Megumi Fushiguro

Jujustu Kaisen Best Introductions Mahoraga

The 10 Shadows Technique is an Inherited Technique that only a select few can inherit in the Zenin Family. This technique is currently being utilized by none other than Megumi Fushiguro. It is such a powerful technique that even Sukuna was interested in its powers. Essentially, it allows the user to make use of shadows as an intermediary and summon up to 10 different Shikigami.

These Shikigami cause all sorts of problems for the enemies, and they can get even more dangerous over time, especially if they are killed. The strongest of the shikigami, Mahoraga, is an absolute monster and can adapt to any and all phenomena.

4 Idle Transfiguration

User: Mahito


Idle Transfiguration is the cursed technique of Mahito, a special grade curse that was born from humanity’s hatred and fear of each other. Mahito was incredibly overpowered from the get-go and Idle Transfiguration was the reason for it. Essentially, his technique allowed him to manipulate the souls of other beings freely.


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With a single touch, he could essentially kill anyone by destroying their soul. He could also turn them into grotesque creatures by manipulating their souls as he liked. By all means, this was one of the most overpowered abilities in JJK.

3 Star Rage

User: Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki For The Rescue

Star Rage is quite a special ability that belongs to none other than the Special Grade Sorcerer, Yuki Tsukumo. This ability allows her to add imaginary mass to herself as well as her shikigami, Garuda. This ability does not weigh her down, at least up to a specific point, and allows her to land incredibly heavy blows in combat.

These blows are nearly impossible to guard against and even someone like Kenjaku was constantly overwhelmed by her in combat. With this ability, she can even create something as powerful as a black hole and that just goes to show the limitless potential of this cursed technique and why it is broken.

2 Sukuna’s Cursed Technique

User: Ryomen Sukuna


Sukuna’s cursed technique has to be one of the most overpowered ones that fans know to exist in JJK. Fans do not fully understand what this cursed technique is as even its name isn’t provided yet, however, there are some powerful attacks of this technique that fans already know of, such as Cleave and Dismantle. Essentially, this cursed technique utilizes slash-based attacks that can cut through anything and, if it is at a point-blank range, it means instantaneous death.

There is also the slash that can bisect the world, which can cut through anything and everything in existence, making this a very powerful technique.

1 Limitless

User: Gojo Satoru

Gojo Limitless Technique

By far, the most broken cursed technique in JJK is Limitless of the Gojo Family which was recently being used by Gojo Satoru. This cursed technique is incredible as it allows Gojo to bring forth the concept of infinity into reality and, thus, this gives him the power to manipulate and distort space as he wills. This is an incredibly overpowered technique that is so strong that the vast majority of the fighters can’t even make contact with Gojo.

It has many incredible applications and when this cursed technique is imbued inside a domain, which leads to Unlimited Void, it is, simply put, the greatest technique there is in the story.

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