Jujutsu Kaisen Author Gege Akutami Drops Huge Hint For Gojo’s Survival


  • Sukuna’s analysis of his feelings towards Yuji highlights his evolving character and provides insight into his perspective.
  • Gojo’s death in the battle against Sukuna was unexpected, but it seems that his body was not forgotten and was transported by Ui Ui using a cursed technique.
  • Sukuna underestimates Shoko’s abilities with the reverse cursed technique, but her hidden technique may be the key to healing Gojo and others on the brink of death. The possibility of Gojo’s return is stronger than anticipated.

Jujutsu Kaisen finally returned from an incredibly long break and fans are extremely excited to see this week’s chapter deliver some amazing moments already. In this week’s JJK chapter, the fight between Yuji and Sukuna continued and the author threw quite a lot of focus on the character of Sukuna.


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The JJK manga author already has the ending planned for the series.

It seems that over the years, Sukuna and his way of thinking have finally evolved. His analysis of his inner feelings and thoughts on Yuji were some of the highlights of the chapter this week. Among all that incredible stuff, one interesting detail potentially spells great news for Gojo fans as it appears that the strongest modern sorcerer might not be gone for good after all.

Gojo’s Death In Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru gojo death jujutsu kaisen 244

Fans know Gojo to be an incredible character who was introduced at the very beginning of the story. His status as the strongest modern sorcerer was confirmed quite early, and it was inevitable for him to fight against Sukuna in the future. A fight between these two was actually set up fairly early as soon as Yuji consumed his first finger and Sukuna took over for a short while. Fans always knew that this fight would happen, but it did not come before the Culling Game arc. Gojo Satoru played a significant role in the Culling Game arc and returned a few months ago in the story. When he was unsealed, his battle versus Sukuna began and this fight was one that fans had waited ages to witness in the story.

Gojo versus Sukuna was a battle that every single fan knew would live up to the expectations and it certainly did. However, the climax of the battle was not at all how fans expected it would go. After months of extremely even fighting that could have gone either way, the winds shifted in favor of Sukuna and he ended up winning the battle. Sukuna was able to kill Gojo and split his body in half while doing so. Immediately after Gojo’s death, the likes of Kashimo jumped into battle and as soon as he fell, Yuji and Higuruma, among others, joined the fight as well. Little attention was thrown on Gojo Satoru, however, now, fans finally know what happened following his death and where he is at the moment.

The Disappearance Of Gojo’s Body

jujutsu-kaisen-38-mei-mei-ui-ui jjk

In JJK chapter 248, it was finally confirmed that the dead body of Gojo was not completely forgotten about. Recently, fans have accused the author of lazy writing, and while there is some truth to that, he did not simply forget that Gojo’s body was lying on the ground while all the other major battles were being carried out. It appears then Gojo’s body was actually transported. This was made possible using the cursed technique of none other than Ui Ui. Fans know him to be a rather unimportant character in the story, and he has never really played a significant role in any arc, however, this contribution of his appears to be major. As mentioned by Sukuna in JJK chapter 248, it is using his cursed technique that the dead body of Gojo was secured.


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The JJK editor might be hinting at the return of a major character to the story.

Ui Ui used the power of teleportation to take the body elsewhere. He was seen taking the body of Hiromi Higuruma somewhere and that is when Sukuna put two and two together and realized what happened to Gojo’s body. According to Sukuna, Gojo’s dead body was taken by Ui Ui and teleported to some other place. Then, it immediately clicked for him what the team was trying to accomplish.

Shoko And Reverse Cursed Technique

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Women- Shoko Ieiri

It didn’t take Sukuna long in JJK chapter 248 to put two and two together and figure out that the plan was for the injured to be taken to Shoko and for reverse cursed technique to heal them. Sukuna mentioned that Shoko is an adept user of reverse cursed technique, however, he disregarded his hypothesis as he believed that Shoko’s reverse cursed technique isn’t all that powerful and that it can’t possibly heal the likes of Higuruma and others who have been injured in the fight already.

According to Sukuna, using reverse cursed technique to heal others is less than half as efficient as using it to heal oneself and that means Shoko doesn’t possess the tools to heal the injured according to him.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that Shoko, while very brilliant when it comes to healing, isn’t as adept as him or Gojo with the reverse cursed technique, to begin with. This makes the chances for her to save others very minimal. However, this plot point has been introduced in the story for a major reason. The likes of Higuruma and others will most definitely survive this battle, and the most important character who can actually end up surviving is none other than Gojo.

Gojo’s Eventual Return

Satoru gojo afterlife jujutsu kaisen 236

Finally, JJK chapter 248 gave fans the biggest hint so far about Gojo’s return. Sukuna believes that Gojo’s dead body was retrieved by Ui Ui and teleported to where Shoko is at the moment. He then mentioned that Shoko’s reverse cursed technique is different and could be used to heal the injured. However, Sukuna did not think that they would try to heal Gojo. This is simply because Gojo is considered dead by him. Sukuna thinking that Gojo cannot be healed doesn’t mean that it is true. Furthermore, it appears that Sukuna is greatly underestimating Shoko. Without a doubt, Shoko certainly has some trump card up her sleeve that will allow her to heal others with great efficiency and not waste lives. If there is one character that Shoko will put everything together to save, it is none other than Gojo.

Had this plot point been introduced in the story without a reason, it would have been a massive waste of panels and a missed moment of character progression for Shoko, who already lacks good moments in the series. The most likely outcome here is for Shoko to have a hidden technique that she has not revealed in the story so far. This would explain why she is considered to be an incredible asset to Jujutsu High and why she is the best doctor and, potentially, one of the very best users of reverse cursed technique as well. From what Sukuna knows about her, she isn’t all that special, however, her hidden technique could potentially make her do the impossible and heal a character on the brink of death, such as Gojo, as well as others, such as Hiromi Higuruma.

This is the biggest hint that fans have received about Gojo’s return so far and it is nothing short of exciting. Many believed that they were grasping at straws, thinking of Gojo’s return, however, now, it appears that there is actually some substance to this idea and a return is actually more likely than unlikely.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 248, is set to be January 21, 2024.

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