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Hoping to roll the Jujutsu Chronicles Ten Shadows Cursed Technique? Before you do that, have a read of this guide! It’ll help you to decide if Ten Shadows is something you want to utilise on the battlefield or if it’s worth a reroll.

Jujutsu Chronicles! A Roblox experience inspired by the tragic anime, Jujutsu Kaisen. Enter the Jujutsu Academy training grounds and train up your skills and curses, putting it all on the line against those special-grade enemies. Consume Sukuna’s fingers to greatly increase your power, and become a sorcerer so powerful that even Gojo is left in your dust. In a game that heavily focuses on the fighting mechanics. Will your story stick to canon lore or create a new fate for Japan?

On your way to jump into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen on Roblox? Visit the game’s official Roblox page to start your new adventure. We’ve also got a Jujutsu Chronicles clans guide, a Jujutsu Chronicles codes guide, and a Jujutsu Chronicles Cursed Technique tier list.

Jujutsu Chronicles Ten Shadows

Ten Shadows is one of the obtainable Cursed Techniques in Jujutsu Chronicles! To get Ten Shadows, you’ll need to be extremely lucky when spinning for a new technique from the Curse Surgeon.


As Ten Shadows is one of the strongest Cursed Techniques in the Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired Roblox game, it’s pretty rare – and by pretty, I mean very.

  • Ten Shadows is a Mythical Cursed Technique and has a drop rate chance of 0.5% – meaning it’s quite a difficult Cursed Technique to obtain!


So, what exactly does the Ten Shadows technique do? Overall, it’s a Cursed Technique that grants you the ability to summon a total of 10 Shikigami to help you in battle. If you’ve seen Jujutsu Kaisen (which, if you’re playing Jujtusu Chronicles, you probably have), you’ll recognise that this is the technique used by Megumi!

  • Nue
    • 25 Energy
    • 0 Mastery
    • Summon the Nue Shikigami that attacks your opponents with electrical bolts