Jinshin gameplay

Jinshin gameplay

Kemco recently brought Jinshin to Switch, and a new wave of gameplay is now here. 26 minutes of footage highlights the JRPG.

Learn more about it in the following overview:

Jinshin is a JRPG based on an ancient-themed fantasy tale of when Kami deities lived alongside humans.
Mikazuchi, a man of sword mastery and wisdom, joins the Amaterasu Clan to save his master from Onigami Ichigan, the head of an ominous force. When the war is done, will peace or chaos reign supreme?

Make use of tactician Mikazuchi’s orders and gain powerful formation effects to turn the tide of battle in turn-based battles full of ambiance and strategy. Use materials to craft equipment and unlock Kami arts within weapons to unleash extremely powerful skills. Learn magic arts from Tsukumo Kami hiding all over the world, and focus on developing your village through commands to receive rewards and learn new crafting formulas.

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Jinshin is currently available digitally on the Switch eShop. It supports English and Japanese language options.