Jetragon Location in Palworld

The universe of Palworld shelters some of the most intriguing array of pals, each one just asking to be captured, and yet, they don’t plan to go down without a fight. Among such creatures stands Jetragon, a Legendary Pal that is situated exclusively in one particular region.


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Finding this elusive pal can be a troublesome task for many players, let alone capturing him. The Dragon-type creature poses a significant challenge, even for the most seasoned players of Palworld. Nevertheless, this guide is here to make your quest easier and improve your chances of catching Jetragon by giving you helpful tips and advice.

Where To Find Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon Location

palworld map location of jetragon pal

Jetragon is exclusively located in a specific spot on the world map. To encounter Jetragon, make your way to the Volcanic Island, situated on the southwest side of the map. Once on the island, seek out the flying being, which can be found on the northwest side.

How To Catch Jetragon in Palworld

palworld player fighting jetragon

Jetragon, one of the four Legendary Pals, is a formidable opponent and won’t be easily subdued. As a Dragon-type creature, an effective counter would be an Ice-type pal. Your quest of capturing Jetragon will be a lot easier if you bring pals such as Frostallion, Ice Reptyro, or Chillet with you. The former of which is another Legendary Pal.

Given Jetragon’s legendary station, it is advisable to arm yourself with several Ultra or Legendary Spheres to enhance your chances of adding him to your Paldeck.

Jetragon Stats and Skills

palworld player flying jetragon

Jetragon serves as an excellent means of traversing the world map, thanks to his partner skill, which enables players to use him as a flying mount. When riding Jetragon, you gain the ability to rapidly fire missiles with a rocket launcher.

In terms of work suitability, Jetragon boasts a Level 3 Gathering skill, and his potential drops include:

  • Pure Quartz
  • Polymer
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Diamond

Similar to all other Pals in Palworld, Jetragon can only be upgraded to Level 50.

Active Skills

Skill Name

Level Requirement

Cooldown Timer


Spirit Fire

Level 1



Dragon Burst

Level 7



Flare Storm

Level 15



Draconic Breath

Level 22



Beam Comet

Level 30



Fire Ball

Level 40



Dragon Meteor

Level 50




January 19, 2024

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