January 25 Will Be a Sad Day for Rock Band 4 Fans


  • Harmonix is ending the release of new DLC songs for Rock Band 4 on January 25, after nearly a decade of support.
  • Despite the end of new content, Rock Band 4 will continue to offer features like Rivals seasons and online multiplayer support.
  • Harmonix will now focus on Fortnite Festival, a game mode similar to Rock Band that will eventually include instrument support.

January 25 will be the last day that Harmonix releases new DLC songs for Rock Band 4, its music/rhythm game that it’s supported with new content for nearly a decade. Launching five years after Rock Band 3, Rock Band 4 came out at a time when the music/rhythm game craze had largely passed. While it failed to generate nearly as much interest as its predecessors, it did still manage to find some success and a dedicated fanbase.

Harmonix has been keeping music game fans engaged with Rock Band 4 by releasing DLC songs for the game on a regular basis. Thanks to the sheer amount of Rock Band 4 DLC that’s been released, there are now over 3,000 songs for players to choose from, assuming they’re willing to pay for the extra tracks. But now it’s nearly the end of an era for Rock Band 4, as the game will only be getting one more day of DLC.


Harmonix Confirms Rock Band 4 is Compatible With PS5 and Xbox Series X

Harmonix provides a list of compatible Rock Band 4 instruments that will work on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but says others will work too.

Harmonix has confirmed that the last-ever Rock Band 4 DLC pack will release on Thursday, January 25 after eight years of releasing new DLC every single week. The exact songs that will make up the final Rock Band 4 DLC have not been announced just yet. The existing DLC will remain available for purchase and anyone that has already bought the DLC doesn’t have to worry about losing access to their songs.

When is Rock Band 4 DLC Ending?

  • Rock Band 4’s final DLC pack will be released on Thursday, January 25

It’s not all doom and gloom for Rock Band 4 on January 25. Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band 4‘s live service features will continue, which means new Rivals seasons and online multiplayer support. The game isn’t being shut down, it’s just no longer getting new content. But considering the sheer amount of content that’s been released for Rock Band 4 over the years, there should be no shortage of songs for fans to play.

What might upset some Rock Band 4 fans is that Harmonix is now fully turning its attention to Fortnite Festival, a recently-released Fortnite game mode that mimics Rock Band-style play, but with standard controller input. Fortnite Festival utilizes a rotating selection of free songs and doesn’t offer nearly the same kind of library that Rock Band 4 does, but hopefully it will get there over time. As far as plastic instrument support goes, it’s been confirmed that Fortnite Festival will add instrument support at some point down the line, so Rock Band 4 fans will still get use out of their instruments if they decide to check out Fortnite‘s music/rhythm game mode.

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October 6, 2015


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