May 29, 2023

Like most video games within the sequence, Zelda mysteriously vanishes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You’re separated from her initially and she or he solely seems briefly to you adorning a brand new outfit. Nonetheless, when you attain the floor world once more, you retain listening to experiences of Zelda intervening to inform folks to not do probably helpful issues, and even being merciless. Has the beforehand unconditionally benevolent princess taken a flip for the more serious? Is Zelda evil in Tears of the Kingdom?

Is Zelda the villain in Tears of the Kingdom?

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There’s a 99% probability the reply isn’t any. Particularly not when Ganondorf has already been marketed because the villain like traditional.

Whereas that might be an unimaginable plot twist that I’d personally welcome, what appears much more possible is a Puppet Zelda state of affairs a la Twilight Princess and even the unique Hyrule Warriors the place Wizzro pretends to be her, even when that sport isn’t canon.

Is Zelda Evil In Tears Of The Kingdom

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Just about each time you talk about a sighting of her with NPCs, the sport is fast to forged doubt on the actual fact the Princess Zelda folks preserve seeing is definitely her, implying she’s possible an impersonation or mimic of some variety from a villainous faction. The one we preserve encountering, although extremely mysterious and never saying a phrase, appears to wish to assist us. Can the Gloom fake to be folks? Now that’s a scary thought.

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Zelda Introduction

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I’ve a tough time believing the lovable historical past nerd we noticed within the opening seems to be the villain of the sport. Zelda’s not identified for subtlety and plot twists you’ll be able to’t see coming a mile away. When the NPCs trace that she’s being mimicked, she’s most likely being mimicked.

Moreover, we see her in flashbacks if you get well the precise Tears of the Kingdom and she or he nonetheless appears the identical as once we noticed her.

Zelda Flashback

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So no, I doubt we’re going to see an evil Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom. We’re positively going to need to cope with one thing impersonating her. In any other case, we’re simply going to need to see when she reveals up as herself once more.

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