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Tales of Tanorio is a surprisingly fully-featured Roblox monster catching game. But is there trading in Tales of Tanorio? Stay tuned to find out!

As mentioned above, Tales of Tanorio is a full-on monster catcher on the Roblox platform. With a huge world, and a rich cast of both Tanorians and characters, its a game you can lose serious hours to. But can you spend those hours swapping rare Tanorians with your friends? In this guide, we’ll give you the full lowdown.

You can immerse yourself in Tales of Tanorio via Roblox right now. If you’re looking for a speed boost, check out our guide on how to get Mounts in Tales of Tanorio. If rare Tanorians are more your bag, our guide on how to Shiny Hunt in Tales of Tanorio has you covered.

Tales Of Tanorio Trading Guide

In this guide, we’ll discuss whether or not you can trade Tanorians in Tales of Tanorio.

Can You Trade Currently?

At the time of writing, there’s no option to trade Tanorians with other players in Tales of Tanorio. However, given that it’s a core feature of the genre as a whole, it’s very likely that the option to trade will be added in a future update.

How Will Trading Function?

There’s very little information to go on currently about the Trade system in Tales of Tanorio. What we can do is make some educated guesses as to how it’ll eventually work, based on other games in the genre and on Roblox.

For starters, trading will likely be possible between any two players regardless of location, provided they’re on the same server. Pokemon games typically require players to visit specific locations to access trading features. Given how most Roblox trading systems work, however, I think this is unlikely in Tales of Tanorio.

It’s also likely that the trading system will have safeguards built in to avoid scamming. This will probably consist mainly of limitations on what can be traded, with the likes of Starters, Legendaries, and Shinies being restricted. This may be annoying to those trying to get all Starters in Tales of Tanorio, but it’s for the best.