October 3, 2023

While Starfield is technically finite in its size, in practice it feels like an endless game. A thousand planets to explore? Procedural generation? Putting a bucket on an NPC’s head? The opportunities are limitless. With that being said, is there a limit to your leveling capacity, or is there a level cap in Starfield? Well, the answer is in the stars, my friend. And also in this article.

What is the maximum level possible in Starfield?

Screenshot by PC Invasion

While you might expect something ridiculous from Bethesda like, let’s say, a level cap of 65,535 (wink wink, Fallout 4, wink wink), Starfield actually does not have a maximum level or a level cap. Arguably, Fallout 4 didn’t have a level cap either, but it was limited to said number due to programming. But anyway, this means that, while traversing through the thousand explorable planets in the game, you will be able to endlessly level your character up to whichever level you envision.

This is very helpful thanks to the variety of skills available in the game. While you might favor some of them like Ballistics or Piloting, there are a total of 82 skills that you can experiment with. Each of them features unique challenges that will allow you to level them up to four different ranks. This translates to a minimum player level 328 to unlock every skill and maximize them to rank 4. It is safe to say that this will take a while. This, in turn, will make all the side quests and activities worth your while.

Furthermore, enemies will level up alongside you, making sure that the challenge never falls behind you. Finally, your level and skill ranks will stay the same after you start New Game +. Since the implication – and spoiler alert – is that your character embraces infinity after finishing the game, then having no level cap in Starfield is completely justified and coherent. However, it is safe to say that achieving a four or even five-digit level in the game will take less than humanity discovering interstellar travel in real life.

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