Is Phasmophobia on Xbox?

Screenshot: Kinetic Games

Back in June of 2023, ghost hunters around the world got a sneakpeek of a fan-favorite game coming to consoles. So after a bit of time and patience, players are wondering: is Phasmophobia on Xbox?

When is Phasmophobia releasing on Xbox?

Is Phasmophobia On Xbox? Dots
Screenshot: Kinetic Games

Developers Kinetic Games have shown off some console gameplay of their hit paranormal party game Phasmophobia during the middle of 2023. In the description of the video, they stated that the game was eyeing a console and PlayStation VR2 release in August of 2023.

Sadly, during the last few days of August, Kinetic Games released a statement on X (formerly Twitter) citing workplace fire and development issues because they would have to delay their console launch. It added that the console versions would be released during their big Halloween event in October 2023.

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Fast Forward to the end of 2023, and Phasmophobia is currently unavailable for Xbox. However, a quick look at their developer updates on Steam gives us some insight into when we will be able to bust some ghosts on the Microsoft console.

Frights to look forward to

When the release date of August 2023 came and went, fans worried as to the true launch window of Phasmophobia on Xbox. Thankfully, the devs were able to provide us with some insight into the status of the game. In this development preview posted to the game’s Steam store page, Kinetic stated that “the complexity of [their] current challenges means [they] need more time.” While the news is a bit sad for those who haven’t gotten to experience the frights and fear of Phasmophobia, I believe this delay is most certainly a “when” rather than an “if.”

This unfortunately means that we most likely will not see Phasmophobia coming to Xbox before 2024. The sentiment from fans seems to be positive, for now. Many took to Steam’s discussion page to agree that they would rather wait until the game is in a better state rather than launching it half-baked and not finished. So keep those Spirit Boxes and Smudge Sticks on hand, as Phasmophobia fans hope to see a console release sometime in 2024.

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