Is MTG Arena down? Server maintenance ahead of Outlaws release

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If you’re wondering if MTG Arena is currently down, then the planned server maintenance patching the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set into the game should answer your woes.

via Wizards of the Coast.

The game will be unavailable from now until 18:00 UTC, which is 19:00 GMT. In this time, you can expect the entire card gallery for the new set to arrive, alongside plenty of new packs you’re going to be able to buy.

It also looks as though there are going to be minor patch notes released balancing any issues with the game, though we don’t imagine this list will be particularly long. The 2024.36.0 update is going to be a fairly large patch, with a “large download required” stated too.

The prerelease week kicked off recently for the new Outlaws set, and though many of the most expensive cards from Thunder Junction are not yet available in paper, you’re going to be able to start picking up the best cards in Wizards’ digital CCG.

How to check if MTG Arena is down?

The official Magic: The Gathering Arena status page is your best bet at finding out if the game is currently offline. There, you will also be able to find out the circumstances of the game going down.

How to fix MTG Arena server issues

If you’ve arrived on this page and you’re still finding that MTG Arena is down, then you’re going to want to have a go at resolving this issue. You’ve probably already checked the server status to find if it’s a widespread issue or not, and if it is then there’s little you can do.

However, if it’s just an issue you’re facing, then you can try a few things.

  • Check you’re playing from a compatible device
  • Update the app via the App Store or Play Store if you’re using a mobile device
  • Log back out and log back in again
  • Reset your devices power
  • Disable your firewall, for MTG Arena at least