Insomniac Responds To The Leak

Insomniac has finally responded to the leak that rocked the studio. For those who don’t know, 1.67 TB of files were leaked, and now a build for the Wolverine game is online. It’s a terrible situation all around, but the tweet the studio released seems uplifting.

Insomniac’s official tweet is one of raw emotion. They said they were resilient after the attack, but it’s a truly big hit. The leak exposed personal information of current and former employees and contractors and ripped the veil off early development for Marvel’s Wolverine, Insomniac’s much-anticipated next project.

The thing I like about this response from Insomniac is the flicker of the studio’s trademark tenacity. “Like Logan,” their statement declares, “Insomniac is resilient.” They vow to continue development on Wolverine, emphasizing that the game is in the early stages and will undoubtedly evolve throughout production. However, the initial reveal, the controlled unveiling of their vision, is now out of their hands.

The magnitude of the attack can’t be overstated. Contracts revealing three X-Men games in the pipeline, internal communication, and even employee passports were among the casualties. Rhysida, reveling in the chaos, claims they targeted Insomniacs specifically, knowing their passion for gaming would make them an “easy target.” And in many ways, they were right. Insomniac’s commitment to creating worlds they care about, and their recent efforts against crunch culture made them vulnerable to this ruthless intrusion.

We published an article with the details of the hack, but we won’t cover exactly what the leaks reveal. You can find information from the documents about the timeline for the next games and details on the next Wolverine game online, so be careful and avoid these links if you want to avoid seeing them, but we want to make sure those who are curious don’t get too much spoiled.

There is a Wolverine game build online right now, and I’ve seen a lot of people judge the game for it. This version would be considered an early alpha build for those who don’t know. Alpha build means it’s far from being playable, and they’re just trying to get everything working. Beta is when it’s playable, but there are a lot of bugs and additions to get in. Gold is when it’s ready to sell and play.

Please do not judge the game for what it looks like, and maybe send a kind message to Insomniac’s Twitter. According to the tweet, it goes a long way.