Insider Predicts Potential PS5 Pro Launch Window


  • Industry insider Tom Henderson believes the PS5 Pro is likelier to be announced in late Q3 2024 than this month.
  • He offered his prediction in response to some recent speculation that Sony might announce the PS5 Pro at CES 2024 next week.
  • Confirming the PS5 Pro nearly a year ahead of its market release would hinder the sales of the base PS5 model, Henderson argued.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is likely to be announced near the end of the third quarter of 2024, a well-known industry insider has predicted. This forecast arrives mere weeks after the possible PS5 Pro specs leaked online, indicating that the rumored revision of Sony’s ninth-generation console will offer a more modest mid-gen hardware upgrade compared to what the PS4 Pro brought to the table in late 2016.

In spite of supposedly featuring a similar set of internals to the PS5, the PS5 Pro will support proprietary upscaling technology akin to Nvidia’s DLSS, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb reported in mid-December. According to his insights, this software solution will allow the upcoming console to push its hardware well beyond what the base PS5 model is capable of doing. In the weeks following that report, some fans have taken to social media to speculate that Sony might announce the PS5 Pro at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, which runs from January 9 through January 12.


New Sony Patent Seems to Support the Recent PS5 Pro Rumors

A new patent filed by Sony seems to support the recent leaks about the PlayStation 5 Pro and one of its biggest rumored features.

Known industry insider Tom Henderson disagrees with that sentiment, having said as much in a recent social media update. Taking to Twitter on January 4, Henderson wrote that he’d be “surprised” if Sony were to unveil the PS5 Pro during the January event, at least assuming that the company’s release plans for the console haven’t changed. For reference, Henderson previously reported that the gaming giant is targeting a 2024 holiday season release for the PS5 Pro.

Elaborating on that point in a subsequent tweet, the industry insider wrote that he seriously doubts Sony would impede up to “10 months of regular PS5 sales” by unveiling the Pro variant of the console at CES 2024. He had hence concluded that he’s “more inclined to believe a late Q3 announcement” is on the cards for the PlayStation 5 Pro.

They’re not going to hinder 9–10 months of regular PS5 sales by officially announcing the PRO [at CES 2024].

Henderson is not the only insider who believes that the much-rumored console is scheduled to hit the market during the 2024 holiday season; another report suggesting that the PS5 Pro is targeting a November 2024 release emerged online over the summer, alongside the claim that the gaming device is internally code-named Trinity.

Sony’s CES 2024 Lineup Is Likelier To Be Focused on ‘Creativity’ Than Gaming

As far as Sony’s involvement in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is concerned, the company has already confirmed that its CES 2024 conference is taking place on January 8, at 5pm PT. A recent update to the Sony Square website mentioned “powering creativity with technology” as one of the company’s CES 2024 themes, indicating that its show lineup will likely feature new models of cameras and lenses, among other products fitting that agenda description.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5

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