Infinite Lagrange launches Beacon Festival with new UAV Carrier, limited-time events and more

  • Infinite Lagrange adds new UAV Carrier in latest update
  • Limited-time events will give away special rewards
  • Up to 2024 Proxima Coins are up for grabs

NetEase has announced an exciting new update for Infinite Lagrange, letting players join in on the Beacon Festival celebration for a limited time. In particular, you can look forward to welcoming the UAV Carrier to the fray, along with plenty of in-game events to dive into and bountiful rewards to score.

In the latest update for Infinite Lagrange, Explorers can expect to gather at Antonas and take part in all the festivities across the space strategy game’s theme of Galaxy Reformation. As for the new UAV Carrier, this vessel designed by Jupiter Industries offers combat efficiency with the UAV in its hangar vessels, which will up your game when it comes to coordinated wingman operations.

Additionally, the UAV Plasma Show lets you nab up to 2024 Proxima Coins. Other events include the Sightseeing Routes, Shuttle Through Antontas, and Gravity Detection Operation.

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“The Beacon Festival is a massive event in the universe of Infinite Lagrange, symbolizing humankind’s journey to the stars and celebrating its continued prosperity across the galaxy,” says Demi Yan, NetEase Games Senior Global Publishing Director. “We look forward to having global players participating in this grand celebration, as they immerse in the exhilarating new chapter added to the game’s remarkable narrative.”

If you’re keen on joining in on all the festivities of the latest update, you can do so by downloading Infinite Lagrange on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

You can also join the community of followers on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest developments, visit the official website for more info, or take a little peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the update’s vibes and visuals.