Infinite Lagrange is hosting a new Twin Festival event that features activities in and outside of the game

Create artwork that expresses your love of the game for the Paint with Star-crossed Tales event.

Infinite Lagrange is hosting a new Twin Festival event just in time for the holidays. During the event, you can earn rewards while sharing your love of the game and its universe with other players. The event’s theme is Galactic Canvas—Star-crossed Tales and includes activities both in and outside the game.

Infinite Lagrange is a strategy title by NetEase Games in which you explore the cosmos. You run a small base, which you can upgrade and expand through mining, building and trade. Build your ships and modify your weapons systems. You’ll also travel across space and partake in large-scale space battles.

In the Infinite Lagrange universe, the Twin Festival event is a celebration of Earth’s exploration fleet in Proxima. The event also celebrates the creation of the L001A and L001B bi-directional gates, allowing you to travel across the universe. Humanity focuses on spreading warmth and joy throughout the Lagrange Network in the form of messages and gifts.

During the event, which began on December 20th, you can earn Proxima Coins and Twin Festival Commemorative Emblems by reading Gilma’s Diary and checking out Twin Footage and Earth-Proxima Communication. A new documentary, Hearts Across a Century: The Universe Inside, is being released in celebration of the Twin Festival. Throughout the documentary, individuals between the ages of 1 and 100 talk about how they perceive the universe and why sci-fi is such a beloved genre.

Infinite Lagrange is also hosting the Paint with Star-crossed Tales event outside the game. To participate, simply create artwork that encompasses your love for the MMO. Artwork will be shared on the game’s official social media accounts. Your art may even be turned into an avatar that all players will be able to use.

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