Indus Battle Royale debuts beta, new trailer and Grudge system

  • The Grudge system incentivises rivalries with other players
  • A new trailer and closed beta have also been announced
  • Indus is an Indian-developed and themed battle royale

Home-grown Indian battle royale Indus is set to step into closed beta and has debuted a new trailer as well as revealing their latest gameplay mechanic called the ‘Grudge’ system.

Indus is a domestically developed battle royale game themed around a futuristic extrapolation of the Indus Valley civilization. Developer SuperGaming has also been eager to introduce unique mechanics, including Cosmium – a rare resource in-universe – which can be collected and offers an alternative route to victory without having to be the last player standing.

The Grudge

The Grudge system is an interesting one, basically, when you’re killed by another player you have the option to declare a grudge against them at the end of the match. This means that in future games you’ll be preferentially matched against them in quick-play, with special rewards if you manage to then defeat that player. It’s not just minor XP or currency bonuses either, as SuperGaming has hinted that exclusive cosmetic rewards could be available for completing grudges.

You can check out the latest trailer for Indus below!

We’re excited to see how well Indus does when it finally hits full release. Aside from the interesting art direction, developer SuperGaming has been hopeful that Indus will help spotlight not just the Indian gaming audience, but developers in the country. Of course that also means competing with dozens of other battle-royale games currently on the market, but in a country which is only just now beginning to unlock the true number of players available, it could be that Indus is what blows it wide open.

While we have no news on an Indian release, two other upcoming battle royale games have caught our eye. The edgily named Blood Strike and High Energy Heroes both come from experienced Chinese developers and exemplify the diverse but cutthroat world of multiplayer games on offer for mobile.

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