Indie racing game Art of Rally races onto the App Store

Race through beautiful locations inspired by real places around the globe.

Indie developer Funselektor is bringing its hit racing game, Art of Rally, to the App Store. The game’s mobile version includes all the updates and improvements that have been released for the console and PC versions. An Android version of the game will be released in the future. Additionally, the new mobile version is launching alongside the release of the first premium add-on for PC and console versions of Art of Rally, the Australia DLC.

Art of Rally is a stylistic racing game which takes inspiration from the golden era of rally racing. You’ll drive through breathtaking environments based on actual locations around the world. Drive iconic 60s cars through challenging courses and master the Art of Rally.

Art of Rally features a career mode through which you can experience the rally racing’s golden era. You’ll race across scenic locations in Finland, Germany, Japan and more as you complete the game’s 60 stages.
Art of Rally boasts 61 classic rally cars from the 60s through the 90s. You’ll be able to participate in daily and weekly challenges and can even try to beat your own high scores in Ghost racing mode.

Whether you are new to racing games or an expert racer, Art of Rally has you covered. The game features beginner-friendly racing modes as well as genuinely challenging ones. As you race across lush landscapes, you can also perform cool rally driving tricks such as left-foot braking, counter-steering and the Scandinavian flick.

While the mobile edition will retail for $7.99, in celebration of the game’s launch on iOS, Art of Rally is available at a discounted price of $4.99 for two weeks. The Australia DLC will become available for Art of Rally on iOS upon the Android version’s release. Be sure to visit the game’s official website to keep up with all the latest Art of Rally news.