Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. The Great Return of Indy

Let’s take a closer look to the title. What we should expect from Indiana Jones’ game? A new standard in action games?

Indy is coming back after years in the gaming world. This time Machine Games with Todd Howard and LucasFilm create together the next adventure of the Indiana Jones series.

Indiana Jones is an important adventure cinematic franchise, written and directed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.The character has the merit of  bringing to a great popularity the adventure genre, creating some iconic moments and cliché like the rumbling rock and the chase on the mine cart. The character has some iconic elements, like the hat and the whip, his standard weapon and tool.

In the development direct Machine Games announced that the game is coming in 2024, on game pass. This game is a great chance for Xbox to launch a challenge to Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

Is The Indiana Jones’ Gameplay a Real Revolution in the Adventure Genre?

Indiana Jones’ gameplay trailers have created a great debate about the “First Person” camera.

This choice has an important reason, because it permits to create more immersive situations, like the close quarter combat and fire fighter shown in the gameplay, the sense of discovery is more amplified than a third person game.

In a middle scene in the trailer, the character doesn’t see much and when he removes an obstacle and sees the immense valley with the temple, the WOW EFFECT comes. The game uses this perspective in the entire experience, but in certain specific situations like while climbing, it is possible to see indy in third person. This choice is a great signal of knowing what the core of a studio is.

First Person Choice

Todd Howard says that this choice was made for two reasons, the first to make Machine Game in a comfortable position, because they have a great experience with first person shooters, like the Wolfenstein series. The second was creating the most immersive experience possible and giving the players a pure Indiana Jones experience.

The first person in Indiana Jones is not a revolution of the genre, but is a great choice to create a better experience. This perspective was used in Two iconic games with the same objective of machine games.

One of these games is the Peter Jackson King Kong official game of the movie. An iconic tie-in of the movie, created with Michael Ancel and Peter Jackson. A great Adventure game which makes great use of this perspective, the iconic fights with the V-Rex and the choice of not using a classic hud were only some of the great things this game did.

The other game that makes a great use of first person was Chronicles of Riddick escape from butcher bay. The First Person in this game gives the same effect of Indiana Jones. Amplified the experience and the character gameplay actions. An example is the stealth vision in Chronicles of Riddick using the same view and the same moves of the movie.

The same does Indiana Jones in the fighting sequences, very dynamic, thanks to the whip.

The Whip, the Iconic Weapon of Doctor Jones 

The whip is the characteristic tool of Indiana Jones. The characters use the whip all the times he has to solve problems, attack enemies or escape traps.

An exception Is the sword expert scene. That time he uses a gun, because Harrison Ford was sick that day of shootings.

The whip is essential, and Machine Games seems to be doing impressive work with this weapon. Creating a perfectly simulated 3d whip, creating a new revolution in 3d modeling. The whip permits to moves over obstacles, steal weapons from enemies and attack them from distances.

The cure put in the whip, shows how much love they put in the entire project.

Game’s Structure

The game follows the tradition of Indiana Jones first trilogy. Build a great quest and a long trip in many parts of the world to solve it, before the villains.

The game follows this structure or better, amplify It because Indy this time needs to discover the mystery behind The Great Circle, followed by his classic enemies, the nazi’s soldier. Like the original trilogy the core enemy is very iconic and with a great personality and charisma.

But what is an Indiana Jones adventure without a great woman character? This time an investigative reporter Gina Lombardi, who has a great interest in the case of doctor Jones.

The game is structured in linear sections, more scripted like the airplane fight shown in the trailer. Other sections are open maps with a main objective and secret temples to discover. This structure is great for having good replayability and a good balance between core and secondary contents.

The Great Chance of Xbox Thanks to Doctor Jones

Xbox has an incredible chance, because Indiana Jones is the “father” of the modern adventure games and movies characters. This game can literally raise the level for this entire genre, who need fresh air to return to his golden times.

Indiana Jones can beat games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider and at the same time gives new strength to the genre.

When Does the Adventure Start?

The game hasn’t an official release date, but it is confirmed that the game comes on the market in 2024. This game is an important exclusive for Xbox and the release on Game Pass can give too many gamers who don’t know Indiana Jones to discover him.

A great adventure is coming!

Good luck Machine Games and don’t forget the hat!

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