Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is the official name of MachineGames’ Indy game

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MachineGames has confirmed the name of its upcoming Indiana Jones title, announcing that Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is coming in late 2024. Though the developers have yet to provide a specific release date, Bethesda Softworks’ lengthy showcase gave fans plenty to chew on ahead of time. Of course, since this is an Xbox-exclusive game, you can only play it on the Xbox Series X|S and PC via Game Pass.

The game was revealed with the first gameplay during the Xbox Developer Direct Showcase, along with the Avowed release date, where it also appeared that Harrison Ford would be lending his face to the game. But even though the ever-relevant protagonist will have Ford’s likeness in the game, we, unfortunately, won’t be treated to the beloved actor’s gruff tone, as The Last of Us VA Troy Baker will be voicing Indy this time around.

The lengthy segment gave viewers an idea of the upcoming game’s story, with Indiana Jones going on a typical action-packed trek to retrieve a mystical artifact stolen by a mysterious relic thief and “an intensely psychological man” named Emmerich Voss.

In addition, fans were also treated to a sneak peek of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’s combat, with the titular protagonist making use of his iconic whip in myriad ways. Naturally, you’ll be able to use Indy’s memorable weapon in combat. However, you can also use it as a traversal tool and as a distraction, so you can sneak about without having to worry about being overwhelmed by enemies.

Alas, as mentioned above, Bethesda has yet to provide a specific release date, so you’ll have to remain patient indefinitely before you can get your hands on this pixelated Indy adventure. Fortunately, since the developers revealed that they would launch the game in 2024, more details should arrive soon before its intended release.

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