Improvements Ready Or Not Version 1.0 Needs


  • Ready Or Not has improved significantly since its early access launch, with the latest update marking the official release and introducing the biggest update yet.
  • The game provides a great experience with realistic AI, authentic missions, and lifelike interactions between the player and enemies or allies.
  • Fans can expect future updates that will build upon the already incredible features of the game, with a potential addition of official controller support.

Ready Or Not has come a long way since its 2021 early-access launch, which included a plethora of updates and tweaks. The most recent one has seen the title leave its early access phase, with Version 1.0 standing as the biggest update to the game yet.


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From more realistic AI when playing alone in the single-player modes, the flow and authentic nature of missions, and the true-to-life interactions between the player and enemies or allies, have all contributed to the great experience this tactical shooter is. With the game officially released, fans should expect to see more updates in the future that will more than likely double down on the incredible features already present.

Controller Support

Players Can Use Unofficial Controller Support Via Steam Input


It is clear to see for the most part that VOID Interactive developers have built Ready Or Not to be played via mouse and keyboard. This comes down to all the movement options that players have at their disposal. Whether it is peeking around a corner while aiming down sights searching for threats, slowly walking, or switching aim stances, the actions present in this impressive tactical shooter require a large variety of inputs to work well together.

Despite this, there are still some players who may not be accustomed to mouse and keyboard gaming and may find the experience much more difficult. It is important to mention that players do have the option of using community controls for controllers via Steam, but it would be highly beneficial to see official controller support sometime soon.

On Screen Effects

Enemies Hitting Players Results In A Realistic Blurred Vision


Ready Or Not can be very intense and scary in a variety of circumstances, which adds to the fantastic level of immersion present in the game. When stumbling upon enemies unexpectedly, players will be shot, and the feedback from this on-screen is authentic, putting players in a state of blurred vision. This adds to the sense of urgency and intensity of each encounter, where any second can result in a player or AI allies’ deaths with the aggressive nature of enemies.


Ready Or Not: 7 Things VOID Interactive Can Do To Improve The Game

With the game still within its early access phase, there are still areas for improvement VOID Interactive will continue to keep an eye on.

While this is the case, there are certain situations where the visual blur when hit can be a slight issue when attempting to return fire or identify where gunfire is coming from. In a future update, VOID Interactive developers could give players an option in settings to reduce the on-screen effect of being hit, without spoiling the initial attempt to emulate an authentic gunshot hit experience.

Difficulty Choice For All Missions

Each Mission Type Contains A Different Difficulty Level


With a tactical shooter game as such, realism and authenticity are more vital than ever. Ready Or Not captures scenarios of special operation teams very well, especially with upgrades in AI movements and actions without the command of the player. Since there are different mission types, from the likes of “Active Shooter” to “Barricaded Suspect,” the level of difficulty will also vary due to the intensity of each situation.

Some of these missions are very difficult, especially for newcomers, and will take some time to become accustomed to. With that in mind, while it is unlikely, developers could consider adding adjustable difficulty levels with each mission, giving players the option to adjust to particular mission types before increasing the level higher for new attempts.

Realistic Ragdolls

Enemies Can Moan In Pain When Injured

Deceased suspect

When taking a title as such into consideration, immersive actions and reactions from NPCs are crucial toward potential success. Fortunately, Ready Or Not provides realistic behaviors among enemies whether it comes down to verbal confrontations or fatal encounters. If injured, enemies can sometimes be heard yelling in pain or shaking on the ground before succumbing to their wounds.

To take this another step up, developers could further improve the ragdoll animations when enemies or teammates are killed, aiming for the likes of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. While that may be an incredibly huge game to live up to, the aspect of ragdoll animations is more important here in Ready Or Not compared to other games.

Takedown Options

Players Have The Option To Nudge NPCs When Up Close

Version 1.0

In situations where players happen to bump into enemies at close range, the go-to option is to either return fire or get into cover to rearrange their strategy quickly. There is a melee option present within the game, but it tends to be more suitable when players are attempting to arrest suspects and force them to comply when disobedient.

While there is only so much that can be done when a group of enemies are firing at players, an additional option of a quick takedown would be greatly beneficial, and potentially promote the addition of melee weapons for low-threat missions. Fortunately, VOID Interactive advocates the use of mods with a mod section present in the main menu, so players can turn to these while awaiting any potential implementations.

Ready Or Not

Ready or Not

December 13, 2023

Void Interactive