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The Ikemen Villains Escort feature is a core part of the gameplay! It was confusing to me at first, until I started collecting more cards, and then it all made sense. If you want to get closer to your favourite characters and unlock more interactions, it’s time to Escort!

Waltz over to the official website for Ikemen Villains to discover more. Cards play a big role in the Escort feature, so why not check out our Ikemen Villains Cards guide that goes into greater detail?

Ikemen Villains Escort

If you want to deepen your bond with the villains, you’ll need to take part in Escorting!

What is the Escort Feature?

Good question! This part of the game increases your overall Intimacy points, as well as granting you EXP for your bond level with the characters on the cards. So, if you only use William cards, you’ll only earn EXP for him, and vice versa. You can either use 20 AP to do 1 Escort session or use all of your current AP for a max Escort session. If you’re happy with the cards you have in your party at the moment, as well as the guest card, I recommend going for the max Escort to speed it up!

The whole point of Ikemen Villains is to get to know each character on a deeper level. So, raising your bond level with them is the way to go! You unlock new stories, rewards, and interactions with a villain as their bond level increases. Luckily, you can swap out your main character whenever you want, which is good for those who have multiple favourites.

Setting Up the Party

You have 4 card slots for your party, with the 5th slot being taken up by a random player who acts as a ‘guest’. You can swap out the guest card to increase or decrease the amount of BP they have. To unlock the 2 later card slots, you need to get 3K and 10K Attire BP – this can be a combination of your character’s Attire and the villain’s. This, in turn, allows your party to have a much higher BP level when doing Escorts. You can obtain new pieces of Attire as rewards or by rolling on the Attire gacha