September 25, 2023

Looking for a Newbie Life Idle RPG tier list? Look no further. You can find our tier list down below, where we’ve ranked each and every character from best to worst.

Embark on a brand-new journey in Newbie Life Idle RPG. There are tons of game modes to play through and each character has their own sub-class, allowing for hours of fun to be had. Play alongside your friends as you delve into the storyline with your in-game companions.

For more information check out the game’s official page on Google Play and the App Store. If you’re looking for new games to play, take a look at our Memento Mori tier list, Watcher of Realms tier list, and our Waven tier list.

Newbie Life Idle RPG Tier List

Let’s move on to the tier list! Please keep in mind that all tier lists are subjective and you may not agree with our placements.

What Our Tiers Mean

  • S Tier: The best characters to use at this current time
  • A Tier: These characters can be used as great replacements if you don’t have an S tier character
  • B Tier: Not the best, but they work best when used alongside S tier and A tier characters
  • C Tier: These characters should be replaced as soon as possible
  • D Tier: Don’t use or upgrade these characters at all

S Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

D Tier

How Often Do We Update Our Tier Lists?

We update our tier lists as and when new characters are added to the game. Depending on the gacha game, new characters can come out every month or so. Tier lists can already undergo many changes after balance patches, as some characters receive a nerf or buff.

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