Ides of March Mission Guide

Ides of March will be the first mission in Ready or Not‘s Commander mode, where players face off against heavily armed suspects. The area of operations itself is small, but there are a lot of doors that can quickly complicate things. Plus, players also need to make sure that they don’t end up incapacitating all the extremists in the level if they want to get a perfect score.


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Developer VOID Interactive administers update 1.0 for its Ready or Not title, which has many improvements and fixes for PC players.

This mission is going to be more difficult than the earlier ones if players don’t commit to a strategy. Here’s a quick guide on how to finish Ready or Not‘s Ides of March as quickly and efficiently as possible while minimizing deaths on both sides.

Gunfight with a suspect in Ready or Not's Ides of March mission

If players want to complete all objectives in this mission, then bringing non-lethal weaponry like pepperball launchers and beanbag shotguns is a must. CS Gas (whether thrown or launched from an M320) is particularly good in this mission thanks to all the tight spaces as long as everyone in the squad is wearing a gas mask. Also, make sure to bring the following:

  • Shield
  • Mirrorgun
  • Pepper spray
  • Flashbangs
  • Taser

Pepperball launchers won’t immediately incapacitate suspects, and they’ll usually be able to fire off a few shots before breaking down in a coughing fit. Corners and doorways are the keys to avoiding gunfire here; have the shieldbearer take point and spray anyone with a gun on them. When breaching rooms, throw flashbangs and gas, then pepper down stunned suspects. Use tasers and pepper spray if they resist, and once three suspects have been arrested, everyone can swap to their sidearm (preferably loaded with AP rounds) for the remaining extremists.

As for the rest of the objectives, players should have no trouble finding them naturally:

  • The navy officer is in the naval/marine-themed room (1203)
  • The music producer is in the room with the instruments and displayed vinyl records (1202)
  • The sniper rifles are in Rooms 1201 and 1204

The first thing you should do after loading in is clear the circular hall of civilians and suspects. Make sure that there is always one person in the SWAT team watching the rear while the pointman covers the front and others keep their eyes peeled on doors. Wedges can take some pressure off the team’s shoulders, though they aren’t a hard requirement for finishing the mission.

Gas is a great way to clear the function hall in the middle of the room. Stack up on one of the entrances, then throw some grenades and launch a few shells inside while making sure to maximize coverage. Enter the room once you hear someone cough.

The same strategy applies to the rest of the rooms, though players need to be careful as the condo doors might be booby-trapped. Use a mirrorgun to check if there’s a tripwire behind a door. Alternatively, press F while looking at the doorknob to partially open it and gently cut the tripwire from the outside.

Clear each room carefully using the strategy above. If you’re lucky enough, you should get an S grade by the end of the run, assuming no civilians, suspects, or officers die.

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Ready or Not

December 18, 2021

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