Huge Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League villain tease comes with disappointing leak 

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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is finally set to come out. It’s been in development for several years and has suffered hefty delays. But, in just a couple of weeks now, gamers and fans of DC Comics will be able to enjoy Rocksteady’s newest continuation of the Arkhamverse. Rocksteady has teased the addition of a major villain joining Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League post-launch, and this exciting teaser also comes with a disappointing leak.

The release date for Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is February 2nd, but you can get early access from January 30th. There have been negative previews online combated by positive impressions from leakers and alpha players, so the game’s fate currently rests in the balance. While there is trepidation about the multiplayer looter-shooter gameplay, the majority seem to agree that the story and cut-scenes are where the game excels thanks to terrific performances from the likes of Kevin Conroy as Batman and the voice actor for Wonder Woman along with the rest of the star-studded cast.

While there’s a heavy number of superheroes turned bad guys and villains turned good guys at launch, even more rogues will be added post-launch through seasons. Rocksteady has teased a massive rogue joining the game in Season 1, and it is very exciting albeit with news sure to disappoint fans.

**Major Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League spoilers below**

Major Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League season 1 villain

Rocksteady has teased the addition of the Joker for Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League post-launch. This tease comes from an official Q&A conducted on the game’s Discord. In said Q&A, Rocksteady shared concept art of a mighty tower decorated in blue and green colors along with Joker graffiti and a massive Joker smile at the entrance. There are also fireworks, and it’s sort of visually similar to the ending of Arkham Asylum.

As shown by Forbes, this concept art also features the front page of a newspaper explicitly referencing and showing the new Joker in-game model. And boy does this new Joker look strikingly different compared to his appearances in the Arkham games. While the future addition of the Clown Prince of Crime is great, the slightly disappointing news is that he will not be voiced by the legendary Mark Hamill according to prominent leaker Miller Ross. There is the chance Hamill could possibly feature in SSKTJL via flashbacks to Arkhamverse Joker, but the Joker teased by Rocksteady is entirely different.

The absence of Hamill is sure to disappoint fans as he is the definitive Joker voice. Still, there are great portrayals of the character away from Luke Skywalker, including Troy Baker in Batman Arkham Origins. Whoever the voice actor ends up being, they will surely deliver an exceptional performance on par with the rest of the cast. While Rocksteady only tease his arrival, Miller Ross’ outlined seasonal schedule says the Joker will join Season 1

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