How to use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, the terminal on the ship is probably one of the more important items you can use in the game. It gets you items, helps your group travel, and gives you information about the moon you’re on.

One of the items you can get using the terminal is the Singal Translator. It’s quite important and can save the squad’s life if need be. To learn how to get and use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company, we’ll show you the way. 

Lethal Company: How to use the Signal Translator

As part of the newest update 45, the Signal Translator is available to buy via the terminal. Using the translator is just as important as scanning everything.

Using the Signal Translator is quite easy. If you’re on the ship with the other players out exploring, you can send them a message. To do so in the terminal write Transmist Message, and write whatever you want. When that’s done, everyone in your group will get the message you’ve sent out. However, the message must be within nine characters. If you go over the character limit, your message will still be sent, but others will only see the first nine characters

This is crucial to gameplay and can help survivability. If you have someone on the ship watching the monitors, they can relay any important information to everyone allowing the rest of the team to deal with what’s going on. 

How to get the Signal Translator

Purchasing the translator is as easy as using it. Just like everything you buy in Lethal Company, you use the terminal. Type in store and navigate downwards towards Ship Upgrades, it should be in that category. The Signal Translator will cost about 255 credits, so make sure you have tons of scrap to sell. Because it’s expensive, you may have to do more than one run while reaching the quotas for each day. 

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Lethal Company is available now via Steam.