How to Use The Secret Command (The Devil Achievement)

The overall gameplay loop in Ready or Not is simple: load into a mission, complete all objectives, and get graded based on your performance. However, for the true completionists out there, the game has a number of achievements to hunt, and not all of them are as straightforward.


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Developer VOID Interactive administers update 1.0 for its Ready or Not title, which has many improvements and fixes for PC players.

The Devil achievement has a vague and peculiar requirement that’s got a lot of Ready or Not players scratching their heads. It’s going to take a lot of fumbling around to figure out exactly what needs to be done, but for those who don’t want to beat around the bush, this guide covers the exact steps players need to take.

Ready or Not Secret Command Achievement

The secret command in question here is the kill me command, which will appear and replace all other options in the orders menu for AI teammates. Executing the order will make your fellow SWAT officers do exactly that: they’ll shoot you and end the mission. In order for this command to appear, have the squad stack up somewhere far away, then purposely kill a civilian. This can be done on any map with innocent civilians.

When the civilian dies, the kill me command will show up, and players will get the achievement immediately. Players don’t have to die to their team to get the achievement. The squad needs to be stacked up in a different room so they don’t immediately shoot you after you kill a civilian. Dying this way won’t unlock The Devil achievement since you won’t be able to bark out the command.

Firing at an armed suspect in Ready or Not

Take note that Ready or Not‘s kill me command will only appear if you kill an innocent civilian, not a suspect who has dropped their weapon and surrendered. Shooting a once-hostile gunman will only deduct points from your overall rating, and your team won’t give you any grief about it. Accidentally shooting a civilian won’t make the kill me command appear either.

If the secret command doesn’t appear even after shooting a civilian, try restraining the target with zipties before executing them. If it still doesn’t work, carry a ziptied civilian and throw them to the ground before shooting them. This should instantly replace all squad orders with the kill me command.

Ready or Not is no stranger to dark themes, and the kill me command makes the game feel even more grimy and unsettling than it already is. A fair warning to the faint-hearted who have not completed all levels yet: there are more disturbing things to be encountered in this game.

Ready Or Not

Ready or Not

December 13, 2023

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