September 29, 2023

Image: Adopt Me!

It’s a sizzling update day for Adopt Me enthusiasts! Following the Fire Dimension live event, a parade of molten pets are now scouting for homes on Adoption Island. These fiery critters can be lured into your virtual abode using special furniture items and baits. Here’s our guide on how to use lures and bait in Adopt Me!

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Adopt Me – How to Use Lures and Bait

The Adopt Me Lure journey starts with placing a Lure furniture piece in your home. There are two types of lures are available to players:

  • Box Lure: Costs 750 Bucks. A budget-friendly option to start your luring journey.
  • Cozy Home Lure: Priced at 1200 Robux. This premium lure offers a unique advantage – the ability to have two ongoing baits simultaneously, optimizing your chances of attracting rarer creatures, such as the Legendary Blazing Lion.

You can place both of them in your home and use them together to get triple the chances of getting a new molten pet in Adopt Me!

Once the Lure is in place, bait is essential to attract those molten pets. The primary bait is the Campfire Cookie Bait, which can be replenished every 4 hours. Thanks to the community’s efforts and Tim’s ingenuity, these baits are now mass-produced, ensuring players will never run short; all you need to do is buy the initial Campfire Cookie Bait from Tim in the Fire Dimension.

After the 4-hour mark, a molten creature would have explored your premises, leaving behind gifts as tokens of appreciation. Here are the rewards you can earn from our Molten Pet friends:

  • Bucks: A high 79% chance, with amounts ranging between $10 to $10,000.
  • Age-Up Potion: Occurs 12.5% of the time.
  • Paint Sealer: A 2% possibility.
  • Toys & Pet Wear: 5% chance to score items such as the Magma Great Sword or Flame Grappling Hook.
  • Ultra-Rare Pets: A tantalizing 1.49% chance to get creatures like the Toasty Red Panda or Magma Snail.
  • Legendary Blazing Lion: The crème de la crème at a rare 0.01% chance.
Adopt Me Molten Pet
Image: Adopt Me!

Oh, if you have played the live event in the Fire Dimension, you may have Ash Zebra or Flaming Zebra baits in your backpack. Have a look. If you do, it’s a guaranteed catch after waiting 30 mins after placing one on the lure furniture. Which is pretty awesome!

Worried about changing your in-game home? Don’t be! If you relocate within the game, any active bait and its associated timer will be seamlessly transferred to your new dwelling.

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