How to Unlock & Craft Oven

Oven is a handy appliance in LEGO Fortnite that helps players in dealing with their hunger. This guide focus on unlocking & crafting an oven in game.

LEGO Fortnite gives players the perfect opportunity to create their imaginative world and thrive in their chosen way to live. Cooking is one of the most critical aspects of LEGO Fortnite. To get up and survive, players need to make sure they have sufficient consumables at their disposal. Getting hands on these consumables isn’t a child’s play, since players have to do everything on their own, specifically when they begin their journey.

Needless to say, as players upgrade their village in LEGO Fortnite, they get access to better-quality crafting stations. Neverthless, acquiring these crafting stations require players to collect various resources by either defeating monsters or exploring different biomes. This guide will walk players through unlocking and crafting an Oven in Lego Fortnite.


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How to Unlock Oven Recipe

lego fortnite lava cave

Like real life, the Oven in Lego Fortnite removes the hard yards from cooking and allows players to get delicious meals in no time. However, unlocking the recipe for Oven requires players to go into the lava caves (found in the desert) and collect the following resources.


It is located near the lava in the caves and can be spotted from a distance due to its golden color. Players can use a rare pickaxe to farm Brightcore.


Obsidian is found in abundance in lava caves. Like Brightcore, it can also be broken using a rare pickaxe.


Players can easily get copper by mining copper rocks in the cave using a rare pickaxe.

How to Craft Oven

After players have collected the necessary items, they can craft an Oven. Nevertheless, it is vital to remember that an Oven should be placed in a closed space, like in a shack or any other building. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it in the rain and will have to wait for the clouds to go away to cook anything.

If players have placed the Oven in an open space, they can use a pickaxe to break it without worrying about the ingredients, as all the items get refunded whenever you break something in the game.

Here’s the list of resources required to craft an Oven:

  • Eight Brightcores
  • 15 Copper Bars
  • 35 Obsidian Slabs

The table below showcases all the meals that can be cooked using the Oven:


2 Flour, 2 eggs

Meat Pie

1 flour, 1 meat, 1 egg

Pumpkin Pie

1 flour, 1 pumpkin

Fruit Pie

1 flour, 1 raspberry, 3 snowberries, 3 slap berries


2 flour, 1 meat, 3 spicy peppers, 1 cheese



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