How to Trade Gold Stickers in Monopoly Go

Monopoly’s mobile version, Monopoly GO, is a classic board game that takes you to a virtual city where you can build and trade properties. The game features a variety of resources, and stickers are one of them. Players can collect a variety of stickers as they proceed in the game. Each sticker has a star rating from one to five, which indicates its value.

Gold stickers are difficult to collect compared to the rest of the stickers as they are rare. However, there are still some decent ways to collect these stickers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get and trade gold stickers in Monopoly GO.


Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Event Schedule (December 2023)

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How to Trade Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO has the Golden Blitz event that lets players trade gold cards with their friends. This event only allows you to trade specific gold cards, which are the same for every player. Scopely predetermines these cards, and players can trade up to five gold cards daily.

To send a sticker to your friend, go to the ‘Album’ section, choose the sticker, and select ‘Send to a Friend.’ The Golden Blitz event is usually available for only 24 hours.

How to Get Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO

Gold stickers are mainly used to complete sticker albums in Monopoly GO. Players can fill out these albums to claim exciting rewards, such as dice rolls and tokens. Tokens are like markers that represent a player on the game’s board. The more albums a player completes, the more tokens and dice rolls they can earn.

There are two ways to acquire gold stickers in Monopoly GO:

Quick Wins

You can complete quick wins to get gold stickers in Monopoly GO. Quick wins are usually simple tasks, such as rolling a dice two times, attacking an enemy two times, or landing on a specific tile.

Events and Tournaments

twinkle tree event monopoly go

Partaking in events and tournaments is another way to get gold stickers in Monopoly GO. Every event has milestones that you can complete as you earn more points. After completing these milestones, players are rewarded with prizes, including cash, sticker packs, and dice rolls. These packs can contain different stickers, such as gold stickers.

The game also offers rewards based on your leaderboard ranking. The first rank rewards players with the five-star sticker pack, while the fifth offers the fourth-star sticker pack. It’s pertinent to mention that each tournament has different milestones and rewards.

Monopoly Go is available now for PC and Mobile Devices.