December 10, 2023
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Alan Wake 2 has a unique narrative because it lets you switch back and forth between two main characters: Saga Anderson, an insightful and decisive FBI agent, and Alan Wake, a desperate writer trapped in the Dark Place. To really understand where the game is going, you’re going to have to switch them often.

This guide will show you how to change characters, when you can, and how often is necessary to get a good playthrough. For more help on Alan Wake 2, read our guides on new game plus, our trophy guide, or if it’s Steam Deck compatible.

How to change between Alan Wake and Saga in Alan Wake 2

To change characters in Alan Wake 2, you have to interact with the Janitor’s Bucket in any Janitor’s Break Room. You can find the Janitor bucket near a wall, so look at the corners and sides. Interact with the Janitor’s Bucket to trigger a cutscene that will allow you to switch characters.

Janitor’s Break Rooms are generally spaced out well enough so that you’re able to swap between characters in between major story beats.

When can you change characters in Alan Wake 2?

You will not be able to change characters immediately in Alan Wake 2. You will need to complete the chapter called Haunting before you unlock the ability to switch characters.

You can swap between characters in Janitor’s Break Rooms between major story beats because there’s normally a Janitor’s break room nearby.

How often should I change characters in Alan Wake 2?

You can choose to go through one character’s side of the story first then go back for the other later on, or bounce between Alan and Saga as you go along.

Switching characters is a great way to break up gameplay and experience the story from different perspectives. Don’t worry about missing anything, you can always go back.

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