How to Stop Freezing in Lego Fortnite

Exploring the expansive world of LEGO Fortnite is thrilling, but the adventure comes with its challenges, particularly when venturing into colder regions. In these frosty areas, players face the risk of freezing, which can quickly halt their exploration. Fortunately, Lego Fortnite provides several methods to combat this chilling threat, ensuring that your adventure through the cold is as smooth as possible.

This guide is to help you understand how to increase cold resistance so you can continue your adventures without interruption, regardless of the temperature.

How To Survive In Cold Temperatures in Lego Fortnite

Surviving in cold temperatures in Lego Fortnite requires increasing your cold resistance. If you do not have any, depending on how cold it is, you will slowly start to lose hearts. The colder it is, the more hearts you lose at once, ranging from a quarter to even a whole heart. Cold resistance can be acquired through specific foods, charms, and other items designed to keep you warm in the harsh, frosty environment of the game.

Image: Gamers Heroes

The primary way to combat the cold is by consuming food that boosts your cold resistance. A popular and easiest choice is just making the Spicy Burger, which will give you 10 minutes of cold resistance, which is ideal for cold/freezing expeditions. This, along with Slurp Juice, which slowly heals you, is the best way to combat cold. But if you want to venture into caves or explore at night while it’s cold, you’ll also need an Inner Fire Charm or a fire source as well, such as a torch or campfire.

Lego Fortnite Inner Fire Charm
Image: Gamers Heroes

How to Make a Spicy Burger

To make Spicy Burgers, you need the following ingredients and a Grill:

  • Flour x1 – Made using the Grain Mill with Wheat Grain, which can be farmed by growing wheat.
  • Meat -x1 – Looted from sheep or other animals after killing them.
  • Spicy Pepper x1 – Found in the Dry Valley, the sand bionme. Bring heat resistance, but you may get lucky and find them on the outskirts.
Lego Fortnite Spicy Pepper Bushes
Image: Quick Tips