December 10, 2023
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Like many horror games, Alan Wake 2 has a ton of puzzles. Most of them will require you to do a lot of leg work, and others need math to be completed. However, the following puzzle of finding the door during Alan Wake’s first chapter looks like it’s on the easier end. To find out how to solve the door puzzle in the Late Night mission for Alan Wake 2, follow along.

Alan Wake 2: How to solve the door puzzle in Late Night

This puzzle is the part of the first time you play as Alan Wake in the game. You’ll be part of live action segment which is part of a talk show. On top of that, the level loops twice. So the puzzle will be different on the second try. It’s a surprisingly easy puzzle to solve, however, if you’re like me, it might go over your head. 

As soon as you end the talk show segment, you’ll gain full control of Alan Wake. When you are him, make your way to the brightly lit hallway on the left. It’ll be easy to spot since it’s the only bright light in the area. Once you’re in the hallway, you’ll see two doors on the left and one at the end of the hall. If you walk up to the door, you won’t be able to open it because of the code. To get the code, head to the first door closest to the end of the hallway. Once you enter this room, go to the end and look left. Underneath where it says Neighbor of the Beast, you’ll see the number 665. That’s the code you use the first time.

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When you get passed the door, you’ll get hunted by the Darkness which forces you to restart the level. However, everything is different — including the code. You’ll also get to see Alan Wake’s version of Mind Place here. To access the door the second time, you must head to the same room. When you enter it, the sign won’t show the same code but rather blinking the numbers. If you pay attention to the pattern, the code should be 565. When this is done, the door is open, and you’ll be out of the loop. 

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Alan Wake 2 is available now via Epic Games Store.

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