December 10, 2023
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Seesaw is a trickier puzzle that requires precise movement. Seesaw has you use drills and connectors in ways that you’ve already likely seen on the map, but with some extra complications thrown in that necessitate some careful planning. Fortunately, it’s doable if you have the right idea ahead of time.

Here’s how to solve Seesaw in The Talos Principle 2.

How to solve Seesaw puzzle in Talos Principle 2

The objective of this puzzle is to not cross the laser streams. To quickly run through this one, use the drill to tunnel through the red laser, then connect it to the red circle via the connector. Take the other converter out and use it to connect the red laser to the red circle without the drill. Now move the drill inside the blue field’s area, and point it at the red laser wall. This allows you to go back out, take your first connector off of red without closing the door, and instead take it back inside the blue field area with your drill.

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Now that you’re back inside with your drill and converter, switch the drill to the blue wall, and use the connector to funnel to the blue circle. This opens the final door and solves the puzzle.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

It’s not hard if you know what you’re meant to do, but that’s a big if. And now that you do, you’ve successfully solved the puzzle. Onward to try and unlock the megastructure you go.

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