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Can’t work out how to sell in Underwater Company? It’s not entirely the same as what you may be familiar with in Lethal Company. Scroll down to find instructions that detail the process of selling your collected scrap!

Underwater Company is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from Lethal Company and Subnautica. Imagine the dangers of Lethal Company, but turn them into terrifying sea creatures! Collect scrap items while exploring the ocean to reach the quota. Beware of the creatures lurking below…

For more information about Underwater Company, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. Have a read of our Roblox Underwater Company Creatures guide to help you prepare for the depths of the ocean. We’ve also got guides for another Lethal Company Roblox clone called Deadly Company! Take a look at our Deadly Company Moons guide and our Deadly Company Monsters guide.

How to Sell in Underwater Company

The process is pretty similar to Lethal Company but with a slight difference. Instead of a company building with a counter, it’s more of a ‘deposit area’ on the ground. You can double-check your quota on the ship before you sell!

  • While you’re on the ship, head to the terminal
  • Interact with the terminal and select the “Dropoff” option
    • If you’ve played Lethal Company or Deadly Company, this is the same as ‘The Company Building’!
  • Exit the terminal screen and hold E on the red button to instruct the ship to depart
  • Once the floor opens up, you can start to gather your scrap
  • Walk ahead until you see a red button next to an area marked with lines on the floor
  • Drop all of your scraps onto the floor within the lines
  • Walk to the red button and hold E
  • A creature will appear to take the scraps

After this, you’ll get a pop-up on the screen that provides you with the details of your paycheck – including any penalties and the total amount of profit. With the money leftover, you can either save it or spend it in the ‘Employee Shop’. This is where you can purchase new items and upgrades for your ventures!