September 28, 2023

Trying to figure out how to run in Fruit Battlegrounds? Not to worry, this guide will have you sprinting in no time! Get your fruit ready and run into your next battle with our help.

The gigantic anime, One Piece, inspired Fruit Battlegrounds. Step into this experience as you use gems to spin for fruits that have unique abilities (and appearances!). These fruits then enhance your fighting as you go up against other real-time players. This pleasantly simplistic game invites you to utilise different fruits in PvP battles to score a win. Go up against your friends, earn bounty, and unlock better fruits to dominate the competition and dub yourself the strongest!

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How To Run In Fruit Battlegrounds

Pick up the pace!

Get Running!

Believe it or not, the game doesn’t make it entirely obvious how to run around. With plenty of other commands to learn for the combat aspect of the game, you surely want to know how to dash, since that manoeuvre can aid in agile dodging and fast attacks!

To run within the game on PC, simply hold down your CTRL button and watch as your player picks up the pace.

On mobile the run command is much simpler, on the lower righthand side of the screen are a bunch of toggle buttons. The button that shows someone walking, (placed just above the block/shield and beside the lock on button), will get your character running. Just press the walking icon and watch the button image change to a running icon.

There is also a quick dash to boost your player forwards when needing to gain space on an opponent. As you are walking, or running, hit the icon with the sprinting dash to make a fast stride forwards.

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