December 4, 2023

If you’re playing with a friend in Ark Survival Ascended, you may see a message saying, “You’re heading out of range! You need to get closer to the Host Player!” This message, combined with the distance indicator in the bottom right corner, is host tethering.

Tethering in Ark Survival Ascended is a distance limiter set on the host and everyone on their server. It’s extremely annoying which leads people to want to learn how to remove the player tethering in the game. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about tethering in Ark Survival.

Ark Survival Ascended: How to remove host tethering

After learning about the different server types in Ark Survival Ascended (read our server guide if you need a refresher), you’ll know the difference between official, unofficial, and non-dedicated servers. The only servers that have tethering in Ark Survival Ascended are non-dedicated servers, AKA the free servers.

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Sadly, Studio Wildcard wants you to buy and host an unofficial server or get lucky getting into an official server. Official and unofficial servers don’t have tethering at all. This means that if you don’t use an official or unofficial server, the developers punish you with tethering in non-dedicated servers.

How to increase tethering distance in Ark Survival Ascended

Image: PC Invasion

The worst part is there is no way to turn off tethering in Ark Survival Ascended non-dedicated servers. The only thing you can do is increase the tethering distance.

To increase the tethering distance in non-dedicated servers in Ark Survival Ascended, you need to go to the Game Rules tab when creating or launching a game. Go to the Rules tab and scroll down until you see the option for Non-Dedicated Tethering Distance. Mine was defaulted to one, and if yours is too, I recommend cranking it up to its max which is three.

I’m not sure how much more distance you’ll get after changing the Non-Dedicated Tethering Distance option, but I know three is bigger than one so it’s the best we’re gonna get.

If you’re looking for a laugh, learn how to use the fly console commands while in a tether non-dedicated server. If your friends don’t also fly and chase you around, considering that you’re the host, then they’ll be forced to teleport to your position which could be miles above the earth.

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