October 3, 2023

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As you explore space in Starfield, you won’t always have to go it alone. You can bring along a companion, who will fight by your side and save you some from tough scrapes and offer commentary at key points in the journey. Over time, you may form a bond with that companion, which eventually pays huge dividends. Along those lines, here is our guide telling you how to produce the Emotional Security status in Starfield.

Starfield – how to produce the Emotional Security status

The Emotional Security status allows you to gain 15% more XP from battle. Once you produce the status, its effects linger for as many as 25 minutes. To produce the Emotional Security status, form a committed relationship with your traveling companion and sleep in a bed.

Starfield Emotional Security Status Effect In Place

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When the Emotional Security status is active, pick fights with enemy mobs. Monsters or spacers don’t generate a lot of XP unless they’re at higher levels, but it all adds up. When you produce the Emotional Security status, XP adds up much more quickly.

The first step is to find a companion you fancy. In my own adventure, I decided to get to know Andreja, as she was one of the first companions I encountered. Over the course of our long journey together, I would talk to her sometimes when she said she had something she needed to discuss. Also, I tried to choose options in dialog that she might appreciate. She’s not big on people dying, so I always looked for a peaceful solution. When I could, I selected a flirty dialog option. Once she trusted me enough and our conversations had covered sufficient ground, her Divided Loyalties mission became available. I completed it with her, which prompted her to consider me an ally. Eventually, I also had the option to commit to our relationship.

Starfield Andreja Following Divided Loyalties Mission Completion

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Once you have a committed relationship with your companion, sleep with them. I kept Andreja near my side for numerous adventures, as my active companion. We became inseparable. Any time I found a bed, we spent that time together. This meant the status effect became pretty common. You can sleep on a ship, or pay for your Dream Home and place a bed. You can even find beds while navigating enemy territory.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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